"Cat Chaser Trash Bag": A Product Line of Plastic Trash Bags Incorporating a Scent That Repels Cats

The "Cat Chaser Trash Bag" repels cats and keeps them from tearing open trash bags.

​Anyone who has had to clean garbage that has been scattered all over the place by hungry cats will immediately see the benefits of this new product.  The Cat Chaser Trash Bag is a product line of plastic trash bags incorporating a substance or scent that repels cats, such as moth balls or lavender.  The design intent of the Cat Chaser Trash Bag is to keep cats out of these trash bags when they have been put outside for pickup — thereby preventing them from rummaging through and tearing up the trash where it is subsequently scattered and blown all over a street, sidewalk, or yard. 
The Cat Chaser Trash Bag is different from traditional trash bags in that it incorporates an effective repellent and keeps those feline treasure hunters at a distance while bags are sitting curbside waiting for garbage pickup. The plastic film used is impregnated with a scent is agreeable to humans but not to cats. Mothballs are a typical means of keeping cats out of the gardens or off the lawn and also an option, just as is lavender. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Cat Chaser Trash Bag.
The Patent Pending Cat Chaser Trash Bag was invented by Tracey Lewis of Philadelphia, PA who said, “This bag works because of the mothball/lavender fragrance which repels cats and keeps them at a distance. Nothing smells good to felines unless it is meat and veggie smells, rotten as they might be. This bag works and it works perfectly as a hazard for the four legged pests such as cats and hopefully even raccoons.”

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