Castle Creations Inc. Releases 60 Amp TALON ESC for R/C Air Markets

TALON ESC (Electronic Speed Control) Series expanded and now includes 15amp, 25amp, 35amp, 60amp, and 90amp controllers.

Talon 60

Castle Creations Inc., the leader in electronic speed controllers (ESC) and BLDC motors for radio controlled (R/C) car, air, and multi-rotor hobby markets, as well as commercial UAV and drone markets, is proud to announce the TALON 60, an addition to the popular TALON series speed controls.

The Talon 60 is well-suited for SMALL SCALE OR AEROBATIC HELIS ranging from 360-450 size requiring up to 1400 watts on 6S. This ESC offers Castle's industry-leading helicopter functions, such as the remarkable direct entry governor mode. Simply type in the desired RPM using a Castle Link USB adapter (redeemable coupon enclosed with purchase) and the free Castle Link Programming Suite running on a Windows™ PC.

The compact layout and slim profile of the Talon 60 is also perfect for SCALE, SPORT and AEROBATIC PLANES in the .32 -.60 range requiring up to 1400 watts on 6S. Mounting the Talon 60 is simple and stress-free in any setup.

The Talon series ESCs are known for sporting heavy-duty BECs designed for today's servos. The Talon 60 is no exception. With its 20 AMP PEAK POWER and 8 AMPS OF CONTINUOUS POWER, it will keep even the most draining servos at ease.

Positioned between the 35 amp and 90 amp, this 60 amp ESC is a highly complementary addition to the TALON series. POWER, PREMIUM PERFORMANCE AND QUALITY are delivered while maintaining an incredible street price of $68.



For nearly 20 years Castle engineers have been setting the bar for industry- leading software functionality. The Castle Link Programming Suite is the ticket to creating the perfect setup. Gaining access to the host of tuning parameters, including free firmware updates and added feature sets, requires only the Castle Link USB adapter (redeemable coupon enclosed with purchase) and the free Castle Link software on your Windows™ PC. Users can then fine tune many variables to enhance their level of expertise.

Power System Alerts

The Talon ESCs are programmed to sound a number of tunes and codes using the motor as well as flashing LED patterns to alert users to certain conditions regarding their power system, such as over temperature, excessive load and locked head speed.

Telemetry Capable

Telemetry has the potential not only to improve the safety of our models by monitoring battery voltages, ESC temperature, and other critical parameters, but it also creates other opportunities to get even more fun out of flying because you've essentially reduced the risks of "unknown" inevitable crashes. Think of the benefits to be had from alarms that will sound to warn you when there's interference about or if your receiver battery is running unexpectedly low. It requires purchase of Castle Telemetry Link for S.BUS2 (Item # 010-0152-00) and compatible Futaba Radio or Castle Telemetry Link for X-BUS (Item# 010-0148-00) and a compatible Spektrum Radio.

The TALON 60 is PROUDLY DESIGNED, MANUFACTURED AND SUPPORTED IN OLATHE, KANSAS, and is backed by Castle Creations' 1-year warranty and unparalleled 'make-it-right' customer support.


Input Voltage:

MIN: 2S LiPo / MAX: 6S LiPo

MAX continuous amperage at full throttle:

60 amps*

BEC Voltage:

User selectable choice of 6 or 8 volt output (default is 6V).

BEC Output Amperage:

20 amp peak** , 8 amp continuous


L: 2.56" (65mm) W: 1.19" (30.2mm) D: 0.41" (10.6mm)

Weight (with wires):

2.05 oz (57 g)



Fully programmable Castle feature set using Castle Link USB adapter (redeemable coupon enclosed with purchase) and freely downloadable Castle Link Windows™ software.

Castle Field Link Programming Card (sold separately) compatible for select functions.


Battery and Motor connectors sold separately.

Tools needed for Installation:

Soldering iron for attaching High Current bullet connectors to ESC, motor, and battery. (Deans Ultra Plugs, EC5 or Castle Polarized 4mm or 6.5mm)

*RC HOBBY APPLICATION RATING: 25 amps for the duration of a single 4,000 mAh battery pack with the ESC in contact with a 5 mph airflow of 25C (77F) or cooler air. Controller temperature must never exceed 100C (212F). Exceeding current or temperature ratings may damage components and may shorten the life of the ESC. Always verify system current draw at full-throttle. Decrease load or increase airflow to decrease the ESC's operating temperature.

**Peak indicates amperage sustainable for 0.5 seconds - long enough for most servos' current draw transients. Always confirm servo current draw before the first flight of the model.

Source: Castle Creations Inc.

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