CAS to Provide Industry-Leading Cyclean Services in BOS Airport

CAS Performing Cyclean® Engine Wash

CAS, as the premier provider of Line Maintenance in North America, has once again expanded its operations. In its desire to provide world-class service to its customers, CAS has opened a new station in Boston, MA (BOS). CAS will begin providing its industry-leading Cyclean® compressor washes starting on the A220 fleet for one of its top customers, JetBlue.  

"Our LHT Cyclean® compressor washes provide our customers with a superior product over the competition, lowering EGT temps and reducing fuel burn. LHT's proprietary design offers our customers increased performance and fuel savings," said Mr. Caban, President of Technical Operations for CAS. "While our launch customer for BOS Cyclean® is on the A220 fleet, we are in discussions to provide this service to other operators and other fleets as we do in all of our other stations across the US."

CAS utilizes the Cyclean® Engine Wash technology developed and patented by Lufthansa Technik. The process we utilize lowers Exhaust Gas Temperature (EGT), extending engine on-wing time while reducing fuel consumption, resulting in lower emissions, and protecting our environment. All Cyclean® services can be completed with a standard wash according to the aircraft maintenance manual (AMM) or time-saving engineering order (EO) from Lufthansa Technik. 

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Certified Aviation Services, LLC (CAS) is an independent provider of MRO services for fleet operators, lessors, OEMs, and Adjusters globally. Backed by more than 350 world-class A&P mechanics, and 30+ years of service, CAS is an industry-leading performer. CAS takes pride in its commitment to workplace safety, high-quality, and cost-effective alternatives for the overall satisfaction of its customers. Throughout our nationwide network, CAS conducts line maintenance, modifications, installations, component overhaul, as well as heavy recovery and repairs. Each division is committed to providing its operational expertise and comprehensive solutions when and where they are needed. To learn more, visit

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CAS (Certified Aviation Services) is a leading provider of MRO services for fleet operators around the world.

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