CAS Initiates Carbon Offsetting

CAS Electric-Powered Vehicle

Certified Aviation Services, LLC (CAS), supports JetBlue in its advancement of being the first carbon-neutral U.S. Airline.

In its efforts, CAS supplanted four carbon vehicles with electric-powered vehicles, with three more in the pipeline. CAS designated a four-seater Global Electric Motorcar (GEM) to solely be utilized by its interior crew when servicing JetBlue’s fleet. The four-seater GEM features an attached hitch for secure transportation of equipment.

As climate change continues to expand, the aviation industry’s role in it raises concern. CAS is committed to reducing that concern by implementing more electric cars throughout its 19-line stations across America.

CAS’ LAX Regional Manager, John Blair, stated, “We are excited to make the commitment of becoming more carbon-neutral. We look forward to continuing our efforts in the battle against climate change. The addition of these electric-powered vehicles is the first step forward in producing long-term solutions for CAS to be eco-friendly.”

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