Carzonrent Launches a New Revenue Generating Franchise Scheme

Carzonrent's Myles, the self-drive service recently launched a Myles Angles program. The franchise program is perfect for those looking to earn revenue from their own cars.

Ingenuity and innovation seem to be the mantra for today’s cab companies and self-drive service providers. An example of the same is Carzonrent, which recently launched its Myles Franchise Program. The leading ground transportation company has flagged off a creative ‘Myles Angels’ campaign in 23 cities. The program aimed at reducing congestion during peak hours can help hundreds and thousands of people earn a revenue through cars of their own.

Those with car(s) of their own can be a part of Carzonrent’s franchise scheme and offer their vehicles for daily, weekly and monthly rental. This smart mobility solution can ensure that people don’t have to tackle the rush and discomfort of public transportation system. With this program, Carzonrent plans to increase their Myles Fleet to a whopping 40,000 in the next three years.

Franchise handlers and car owners can earn revenue for their vehicles, while providing quality services through the city. A representative from the organization said, “We believe in customer satisfaction. That’s the reason we launched Myles in the first place. This self-drive initiative was undertaken to ensure that people could enjoy the comforts of a personal car without worrying about taking a driver. And to take it a step further, we have launched this Myles Angels program, where people can help us in our initiative and earn a handsome income.”

The company plans on providing several exclusive benefits and features to their franchise clients. For instance, the company has agreed to provide clients with assured online business, along with an extensive marketing support base. The company will also offer fleet management support to clients for maintenance and handling of the fleet, while offering and investor friendly investment scheme.

According to a company representative, the franchise scheme is likely to be innovative, driven by technology so that less manpower is required. The spokesperson from the company added, “We don’t want our franchise clients to hassle with the fleet or operations. We don’t want them to hire too many employees as well. To simplify everything, we aim to make this program technology drive, so that less manpower is needed for handling overall operations.”

Carzonrent’s Myles is a self-drive car rental service, which offers customized range of cars and daily, weekly, weekend or monthly rental to clients. Customers can choose from a wide range of cars, from hatchbacks to electric vehicles, SUVs, sedans and luxury cars. A simple mobile application and/or the company’s internet website can be used for making a fuss-free bookings.

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