Carzonrent - Changing the Dynamics of Urban Transportation

Issues like commotion, safety and lack of proper transportation are plaguing urban society, but Carzonrent attempts to change the dynamics, with its leading car rental and self-drive services.

India is developing swiftly, but sadly our transport infrastructure and services have developed in similar proportions. The recent cab incident is a horrible example of the same. Despite the growth in our economy, the urban society has witnessed low quality, security hassles and expensive rates when it came to transportation services. But now, a culture is swiftly rising, adapting the needs and requirements of Indian Society. Popular ground transportation company, Carzonrent is now evolving itself to change the dynamics of transportation in the country.

The urban mobility solutions provider started off by providing car rental services. The facilities, available for affordable rates grew popular quickly. Available 24x7, these services are registered, offer safety and security, even to solitary travelers commuting late at night. The company, which endeavors to provide all round transportation, including self-drive, radio taxi, outstation cabs, intra-city and corporate car rental are changing the dynamics of the industry with its 360 degree ground mobility solutions.

Apart from its comprehensive product offerings in the country, including brands like Easy Cabs and Myles, the company ensures safety and comfort of travelers. Established in 2000, the ground transportation company is the only organization in the country that provides cars for as low as 400 INR per day (self-drive), with facilities available anywhere from 20 minutes to as long as the life-cycle of the vehicle.

Mr. Rajiv K Vij, the CEO and Founder of Carzonrent elaborated about the vision of the company and said, “Our vision is to ensure the comfort and safety of our passengers. We guarantee attention to the minutest of detail, have robust networking systems in our cars, offer live traffic information, booking through user friendly websites and application to offer more accessibility to our customers.”

While customer satisfaction is the ethos of the organization, the company also endeavors for safety of women. Mr. Vij added, “Our cab services are equipped with special systems like dedicated call system accessibility and special safety features like GPS and mobile applications to ensure that women are safe, whether they are traveling early in the morning or in the dead of night.”

Through their services, Carzonrent has certainly managed to stir the dynamics of Indian Transportation industry. Now, the company plans to grow further. Occupying 22 percent of the market in the organized sector, the company now wishes to increase its growth rate, fleet of vehicles and number of chauffeur. Mr. Vij has remarked that the company plans on foraying to 50 cities with Easy Cabs services and plan on introducing at least 25,000 more cars in the next fiscal year.

About The Carzonrent

Carzonrent Pvt. Ltd. is India's no. 1 personal ground transportation service provider today offering a complete bouquet of end-to-end long and short term car rental solutions through its fleet of 6500 cars across the country. The company today has its presence in 65 cities, 9 Airports, Major Railway Stations and prominent hotels and malls. The email address is also available here for more convenience and support as