CareSkore Releases Version 3.0 - Comprehensive CCM and Custom Hospital Reports

Extensive Product Expansion Enhances Product Flexibility, Quality of Care, and Patient Engagement


From the Floor of HIMSS 2017, CareSkore, the leader in end-to-end personalized population health management, announced today the release of version 3.0 of its population health platform.  This release incorporates an extensive list of major new features, including incorporating social determinants in risk stratification plus significant expansion of AI-enhanced patient engagement, such as support for Amazon's Polly, the technology behind Alexa.  CareSkore also announced comprehensive CCM updates around 2017 CMS changes and the availability of free custom reports on performance by provider.  Also today, CareSkore announced strong business results for 2016 and expectations for 2017.  In an earlier release, CareSkore announced the industry’s first population health management as a serviceTM

“With 3.0, CareSkore sets a new standard for leveraging advanced technologies to deliver unrivaled population health management,” said Jas Grewal, CEO of CareSkore.  “And our unmatched incorporation of all 2017 billing changes for CCM rewrite the economics for providers to include this service with greater benefit.  We are tightly tied into the market and continuously supporting better ways to meet the needs of both providers and payers as they transition to value-based care.” 

"CareSkore's newly enhanced offering is a significant enabler of comprehensive population health...This platform continues to change the game for optimizing clinical and financial outcomes around value-based care."

Dr. Pam Khosla, Chief, Division of Hematology and Oncology, Mt. Sinai Hospital

CareSkore’s SaaS personalized population health management platform incorporates advanced real-time analytics and innovative automated patient engagement to deliver optimized quality of care and revenue.  With v3.0, CareSkore’s machine learning analytics engine, Zeus, now provides cohort analysis against a global database of 43M patients to measure individual patient risk factors.  Providers can benchmark each patient’s clinical risks against this database around factors they select (e.g., age, income, sex). 

In addition, version 3.0 also brings significant improvements to CareSkore’s AI-enhanced patient engagement technology, Iris.  Incorporating real-time updates on patient metrics, Iris now supports more devices for engagement, including Amazon Polly.  Coupled with broadened communication channels, such as video chat (desktop or mobile) and built-in patient calling from a computer or mobile phone, Iris delivers a greater set of options for engaging patients.  These additions further extend Iris’ technology and market leadership, adding to its support of telephone, email, text, IVR, wearables, telehealth, and in-app chat. 

“CareSkore newly enhanced offering is a significant enabler of comprehensive population health,” said Dr. Pam Khosla, Chief, Division of Hematology and Oncology, Mt. Sinai Hospital.  “This platform continues to change the game for optimizing clinical and financial outcomes around value-based care.” 

CareSkore is also updating its CCM platform to reflect the new billing codes and requirements for 2017 from CMS.  These 2017 policy changes significantly raised incentives and lowered barriers to provide and bill for CCM.  CareSkore dramatically simplifies aligning with CCM changes to optimize outcomes and revenue.  In addition, CareSkore’s CCM calculator provides guidance on CCM revenue that a provider can expect based on their population characteristics. 

In addition, CareSkore is now offering custom performance reports by US provider.  These free, no-obligation reports give insights into the clinical and financial health of each organization. 

About CareSkore  

CareSkore is the leading provider of personalized population health management, leveraging machine-learning to generate real-time predictive and prescriptive analytics to understand each patient you are managing, what you are managing them for, and how you are/should be managing them.  CareSkore’s AI-enhanced post-discharged engagement reduces risk of patient behaviors that could lead to poorer outcomes.  CareSkore’s end-to-end patient care management platform ensures quality results and maximum revenue with value-based contracts. 


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