CarePN is Revolutionizing the Fight Against Opioid Addiction

Realizing that the incentives in the addiction treatment industry were all aligned against the patient's best interests, Care Provider Network set out to find a different way to approach the challenge, relying on a little bit of common sense and a whole lot of innovative technology to create a program that works better for payers, providers, and patients.

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A growing population struggling with opioid addiction, ballooning treatment costs, and a relapse rate as high as 92% have payers pushing back on funding addiction treatment. Providers can spend as much as $10,000 per patient in marketing, while often collecting only 25% of billed amounts. With the average patient returning to treatment five to nine times, the cost in terms of prolonged misery and broken relationships is incalculable.

"The problem is that current treatments are not coordinated, relying instead on the patient to map their own route to recovery," said Bob Smoley, founder and CEO of Care Provider Network. "Unfortunately, experience proves that, when left on their own, patients are ill-prepared to determine what comes next and to stick to the plan over time. The result is frustration, desperation and, all too often, relapse."

Having already created several multi-billion-dollar companies, Smoley knows firsthand the impact that common sense methods backed by innovative new technologies can have. But he also knows that change only happens if the benefits are both sufficient and obvious to all impacted – payers, providers, and patients alike.

Care Provider Network continues to build a private network of upscale, high-quality addiction treatment providers and facilities nationwide, at every level of care, including telehealth for group and individual counseling in the comfort and privacy of the patient's home when that is an appropriate treatment. The company pairs patients with providers within its network at no cost to the provider, offering negotiated rates that are guaranteed and that are higher than typical reimbursement rates. Patients get better-quality facilities while providers benefit because they have no acquisition cost and guaranteed payments.

To reduce relapse rates, CarePN built a platform to manage millions of care plans and to coordinate the patient's care from facility to facility, from provider to provider. The platform utilizes VerifyID’s facial recognition technology to verify the identity of the patient at every point of care, ensuring that the correct person is getting the correct treatment at the correct time and place. CarePN virtually holds the patient's hand throughout the journey to recovery, intervening proactively if any step in the care plan is missed.

Reduced relapse rates, proactive intervention, and custom-tailored treatments create better, longer-lasting, and more cost-effective recovery outcomes, benefiting not only the patients but also the payers and providers.

About Care Provider Network

CarePN continues to build a nationwide network of inpatient, outpatient, and telehealth addiction treatment providers. CPN removes barriers for both providers and patients, and coordinates care to meaningfully impact relapse rates. More information is available at​

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