Cardinal Tracking, Inc. Unveils Its New Public Safety Mobile Inventory Application

The right evidence software saves time in the property room, while in turn, making the most of department resources. With that goal in mind, Cardinal Tracking, Inc. announces the launch of our new Public Safety application, Mobile Inventory. 

This Android-powered solution allows users to manage their property room inventory accurately and efficiently with state-of-the-art technology. This automated process minimizes the challenges of evidence management while also maintaining a secure chain-of-custody.

Cardinal Tracking’s Mobile Inventory is the newest feature-rich version of our Badge Enhanced Property module. Enhanced Property provides the tools to bar code items, track evidence, and testify to the accuracy of the chain-of-custody. 

“All departments have a property room - a place where evidence integrity is kept safe for successful prosecution in court. It’s crucial that nothing be misplaced or mishandled - because the consequences of a single lost item can be devastating for a criminal case,” said Laura Mason, Public Safety Business Manager of Cardinal Tracking, Inc.

Mobile Inventory allows the user to scan each barcoded item and verify that item against the property record in Badge RMS. It quickly provides a report of anything that’s missing or in the wrong place. Evidence will be easy to locate and easy to retrieve.

"We wanted to provide state-of-the-art technology to allow our end users to complete inventory in hours, instead of days, accuracy is key, no more manually typing in the wrong property numbers, while also having a user-friendly application all within one screen." said Mason

Our Mobile Inventory is currently available for purchase, to learn more about our Mobile Inventory Application, contact, or call 800-285-3833. 

About Cardinal Tracking, Inc.

Cardinal Tracking is a technology company that provides software solutions for the Public Safety and Parking Management industry.    We set out in 1982 to leverage our technology expertise, automate current solutions, and offer our customers best-in-class services to secure and grow our enterprise business relationships. We are committed to supporting our customers to ensure they can succeed when they are out serving their communities.

Source: Cardinal Tracking, Inc.