Cardinal Tracking, Inc. Launches Its New Parking Mobile License Plate Recognition Software

​​Cardinal Tracking, Inc. is proud to officially announce the launch of its newest Parking Management software feature; Mobile License Plate Recognition (LPR).

Seamless Integration with TickeTrak: This state-of-the-art mobile solution allows officers to automatically scan a license plate within seconds, then automatically process the license plate information into our TickeTrak Mobile application. This seamless process drastically reduces manual data entry and data errors. Combining our Mobile LPR with the GPS data captured during ticket issuance along with the image capture capabilities provides all the information and evidence needed to affirm the violation.

The LPR feature will assist officers in linking vehicles to recent or past activity while also performing queries of the license plates against known Scofflaws/databases often shared by agencies around the world. Mobile LPR provides agencies with a solution to quickly deploy high-speed Mobile License Plate Recognition for municipalities, universities, parking lot operations, hospitals, airports, special events, etc.

“Our new Mobile LPR is a game changer when it comes to issuing tickets and enforcing timed locations. This evolution is on the level of going from issuing paper tickets to writing them electronically. Only this time we can achieve an even greater increase in data accuracy,” said Jeremy Moon, Business Manager of Parking Products for Cardinal Tracking, Inc.

With an easy to use interface, our Mobile LPR provides officers in the field with fast, real-time intelligence they can use to enhance the efficiency of their patrol duties while also increase officer safety. The system offers tremendous functionality with ease of use and advanced capabilities not available anywhere else.

”Saving the officer from entering seven to eight characters when entering the license plate on each ticket doesn’t sound like a lot, but throughout a full shift, it can result in several hundred unnecessary taps on the keyboard and is very time-consuming,” said Moon.

Our Mobile LPR is currently available for purchase, to learn more about our Mobile LPR software, contact or call 800-285-3833.

About Cardinal Tracking, Inc.

Cardinal Tracking is a technology company that provides software solutions for the Public Safety and Parking Management industry. We set out in 1982 to leverage our technology expertise, automate current solutions, and offer our customers best-in-class services to secure and grow our enterprise business relationships. We are committed to supporting our customers to ensure they can succeed when they are out serving their communities.

Source: Cardinal Tracking, Inc.