CarbonFree Selects Fluor to Help Bring Its Carbon-to-Value Technology to Market

Company prepares to manufacture its Carbon Capture Utilization & Storage (CCUS) technology and get the planet to net-zero faster

CarbonFree and Fluor

CarbonFree today announced a strategic engagement with Fluor, a leading global engineering construction company, to help manufacture its carbon-to-value technology so it can be installed at industrial plants around the globe.

CarbonFree's patented SkyCycleTM technology captures the carbon emitted by industrial plants and mineralizes emissions to create safe and valuable low-carbon materials. The company's mission is to capture 10% of the world's industrial CO2.

"We have the right instrument at the right time in history to make a big impact," said CarbonFree Chief Technology Officer Joe Jones. "We've been preparing for years — taking our time with our patents and getting our technology down — and now the world is ready. We're thrilled to see a top-tier engineering firm like Fluor choose to work with us and deliver on a commitment to improving the environment."

CarbonFree's SkyCycleTM is a second-generation carbon mineralization technology that uses calcium and magnesium salts as a key part of the conversion chemistry to produce high-purity PCC (precipitated calcium carbonate) and synthetic limestone. The company has been developing and refining the technology for more than 15 years and has been capturing carbon and converting it to baking soda at an industrial cement plant in Texas using a similar process called SkyMine®.

Fluor will use its construction and engineering capabilities to help CarbonFree determine how to best manufacture SkyCycleTM so it can be distributed and installed on a larger scale and at a greater speed. That means that industrial plants that are interested in getting the planet to net-zero will have the opportunity to work with CarbonFree to install the technology sooner.

"Fluor's relationship with disruptive carbontech pioneers is an integral part of our sustainability and energy transition commitment," said Fluor's Group President of Corporate Development & Sustainability Al Collins. "CarbonFree has a unique carbon-to-value solution and we look forward to leveraging our combined capabilities to help deliver a lower carbon future."

This strategic engagement marks an acceleration of CarbonFree's progress — along with the announcement that the company had won a spot in an exclusive program called the Carbon to Value Initiative. 

About CarbonFree

CarbonFree is a private company focused on advancing the net-zero ambitions of both CO2 emitters and consumers of carbon-negative chemicals. CarbonFree invested 15 years into research and development to prepare to bring a technology to carbon-emitting plants around the world called SkyCycleTM. This on-site solution mineralizes CO2 captured from industrial point source emitters and creates products for sale or safe storage, such as calcium carbonate (PCC & limestone); sodium bicarbonate (baking soda); and Hydrochloric Acid (HCl). Learn more at or follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Source: CarbonFree