Car Sharing Company Turo Races Ahead With New CX Tech

Airkit and Turo

​Airkit was selected to create a digital intake system for speedy customer service by Turo, a peer-to-peer car-sharing service. 

With this tool, Turo hosts can self-serve, requesting a late fee without lengthy calls. Hosts simply click an SMS link to fill out a form. Airkit’s out-of-the-box integration works with InContact and Zendesk.

Khalid Alali, Senior Manager of Business Operations at Turo, says it best: “Customers are happy when their issues are resolved quickly, not necessarily when they speak to an agent. That was one of our motivations for using Airkit.”

Before the Airkit partnership, hosts called the contact center directly to submit their request. Being on the phone was time-consuming for customers and call center agents. 

For Turo, the contact center can be an operations bottleneck. Demand for agents changes abruptly from season to season, which in turn makes staffing and training difficult. As the company grew, having to continually hire more people for the contact center proved unsustainable. 

Turo wanted fast and user-friendly customer service that keeps costs low. Devoting engineers’ time for a CX project would take months. An agile company like Turo couldn’t wait that long.

In a matter of weeks, Airkit solved this problem. The new customer journey reduces time and expenses, allowing Turo hosts to self-serve, anytime, anywhere. Turo kept its workflow and automation settings. Contact center reps didn’t need additional training. 

This is just the beginning of the relationship between the two companies. Using a low-code builder like Airkit, Turo can test other customer service features without needing additional contact center employees or developers. 

Khalid looks forward to a continued partnership: “Airkit is a high-quality product that allows us to incorporate our brand theme, color, fonts, etc. We can deliver a consistent experience to our customers. Also, the Airkit team has been very supportive. They’ve been a consultative thought partner, challenging us and giving us more ideas for features.”

Airkit already supports phone, SMS, web, chat and other channels, so Turo can race ahead of the competition with stand-out CX.

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