Airkit and EZR Logistics Partnership

Airkit and EZR Logistics

​We’re announcing a partnership between EZR Logistics, a firm that manages returnable packaging throughout the supply chain, and Airkit, a tool for digitizing customer interactions in the contact center. 

The two companies came together with the goal of digitizing contact center operations and driving efficiency. 

The EZR team needed a way to scale customer service operations while optimizing spend. To manage its business, EZR relies on contact center agents. The agents communicate with retail and industrial partners to obtain the inventory level of returnable packaging and coordinate logistic pickups. To take advantage of new opportunities, EZR needed to increase call center headcount to continue to acquire inventory data. This cut into the bottom line.

Not wanting to sink months of development effort and invest heavily into a homegrown solution, the EZR Logistics team turned to Airkit. 

Jeff Chen, Senior Technology Manager at EZR, recommends Airkit because “It has been really easy to implement. Our account manager, Spencer, and the rest of the Airkit team have been able to take each requirement and turn it around quickly. If we were to build a solution ourselves, it would take at least six months and would not have the breadth of CX experience which Airkit provides to the solution.” 

The new solution reduced handle times by taking the tedious effort traditionally delegated to agents and allowing partners to self-serve, anytime, anywhere. Now, EZR can avoid increased employee headcount as well as boost partner satisfaction.

“We wanted to improve our data entry process which currently takes a lot of time and effort. With the Airkit tool, we are allowing retail partners to complete these tasks at their own leisure, and keeping the experience interactive. Also, our agents are more productive making calls instead of being on hold,” says Jeff.

With Airkit as their core platform for digital intake, EZR can quickly configure and launch new experiences themselves. They do not need extra agents or even extra developers to launch new self-service options, IVR deflection features, and more.

Jeff is looking forward to the possibilities: “I’m always searching for new tools in order to improve our partners’ experience. I’m excited to get the data we need without the long lead times of a normal software development cycle. Our team is able to customize CX interactions via Airkit and make different features unique to each individual customer.” 

Great things are in store for both companies. Stay tuned!

Source: Airkit

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