Can't Decide Where to Put a Trampoline in the Backyard? Experts Share Their Top Tips

When deciding on the perfect spot for a new trampoline, there are a few key considerations. Experts in the trampoline industry share the top factors to take into account.


According to the leading trampoline supplier in New Zealand, SpaceJump, when looking for the right place to put a new trampoline, it's important to consider the available space. This will also help determine the ideal-sized trampoline. Here the experts share their tips for ensuring the perfect placement for endless hours of fun.

The experts do not recommend placing the trampoline too close to a wall or fence, advising at least 500mm clearance from any obstruction. If space allows, positioning the trampoline in the middle of the yard is a great option, giving plenty of space for jumping and fun. Whether in a corner or in the centre of the yard, choosing a spot that can be viewed from inside means parents can still see the kids while they are playing on the trampoline, says SpaceJump.

Utilising the shade of a tree is also recommended by SpaceJump, if possible, unless investing in a sunshade like The Eclipse, which is designed to keep the sun out. A tree or sunshade can provide protection from the sun and will also protect the trampoline in light rain, just ensure the tree is not hanging too low as this will hamper jumping. It is also important to consider windy areas in the backyard and find the most sheltered spot. 

While grass is the best surface for a trampoline as it will absorb impact, SpaceJump says the ground below a trampoline can also be covered with mulch, commercial sand or wood chips, which will provide a comparable effect. 

Many customers ask SpaceJump if they can put their new trampoline on concrete. The experts say it is not recommended as there is not enough stability and the repeated friction can damage the frame of the trampoline over time.

Experts in the industry, the SpaceJump team has crafted a trampoline fleet with the perfect balance of safety and fun, without compromising on gravity-defying bounce. To shop for the best trampoline New Zealand-wide, visit SpaceJump online today.

Source: SpaceJump