Canadian Vessel Registry Center Offers Revolutionary Way to Register Your Vessel With Transport Canada

Newly-launched online portal allows vessel owners to register with the Canadian government with unprecedented ease.

Canadian Vessel Registry Center, a leading third-party service for vessel registration in Canada, has announced a formal re-design of their already comprehensive website. The newly-revamped site aims to expedite the vessel registration process to record low times, offering an unparalleled degree of service to Canadian vessel owners.

Prior to the company’s digitized approach to vessel registration, boaters often found themselves having to submit their applications to Transport Canada entirely on their own. Since the nature of these applications is often quite thorough, accuracy also presents an issue, as minor typos or oversights could lead to significant delays in the registration process.

Canadian Vessel Registry Center has not only debuted a quick way to apply for registration, they have also provided an avenue for minimizing application errors by combing submitted documents for accuracy. The trailblazing maritime documentation company has given consumers an effective way to eliminate the headache of re-submitting a sizeable number forms, thereby saving them a significant amount of time and money.

With a robust new website offering simplified forms for a wide range of documentation options -- first-time registration, transfer of ownership, and historical research are just a sampling of the company’s streamlined offerings – Canadian Vessel Registry Center is quickly setting an industry standard for vessel registration with Transport Canada.

The company’s newly-launched website is also mobile-friendly, setting them apart from most competitors. Canadian vessel owners can submit their applications via their phone, tablet, or computer thanks to the site’s easily-navigable re-design. Canadian Vessel Registry Center, not straying from their track record of excellence, has once again re-cemented their position as the premier online Canadian vessel documentation service.

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Source: Canadian Vessel Registration Center

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