Canadian Parking Lot Line Painting Company, EverLine Coatings and Services, Launches First U.S. Location in Houston

Award-winning company EverLine Coatings has received recognition both locally and internationally since its inception in 2012. Owner, Canadian entrepreneur John Evans has become known as an industry disruptor, challenging the norms using his expertise and innovation to expand his business using a highly successful franchise model. His business model has allowed him to expand into the U.S., opening his first U.S. location in Houston, Texas.

EverLine Coatings and Services in Houston

EverLine Coatings and Services owner John Evans designed his company to shake up an entire industry on a continental scale. The company's franchise model has built a successful business opening doors for entrepreneurs across Canada and recently breaking into the U.S. Their systemized and applied business fundamentals, relatable operating principles, profitable sales, and operations procedures help elevate their franchises and contribute to the success of fellow entrepreneurs.

The company is poised to continue the same level of success with their entry into the U.S. market and are expected to grow rapidly due to their partnership with Franchise FastLane, a leading franchise sales organization. Their Houston team is ready to apply their game-changing approach to the striping industry, with the support and leadership that has tackled millions of linear feet of pavement across Canada.  

The Houston location will enter the U.S. parking lot maintenance industry with the same high standards that gained EverLine recognition across Canada. They use the most advanced products, such as TBL Durables, which offer a longer lifespan, faster drying and resistance to harsher weather conditions. As a result, property owners reduce liability with clearly marked properties, parking lots and work environments designed to increase safety for pedestrians and employees.

EverLine believes in an end-to-end customer experience which has contributed to recognition internationally. When they first started the business in 2012, they were awarded the Best Breakout Business Award by the Calgary Chamber of Commerce. Three years later, Evans was awarded the NextGen in Franchising Grand Prize at the International Franchise Association Annual Convention for his development of the best new franchise concept generated by a Millennial.

Evans and his team have created a company culture that celebrates each team member from the technicians to their executives. A healthy mind space in hand with a safety-first culture lets employees know they are valued. EverLine provides opportunities for personal and professional growth where everyone contributes to finding the next great opportunity in the industry.

The EverLine Coatings and Services office in Houston offers a wide range of line painting and pavement maintenance services, including asphalt sealcoating and repair, infrared asphalt repair, crack-filling, interior line painting, custom stenciling, epoxy flooring, and more. They also offer a Preventative Pavement Maintenance Program, which typically doubles the lifespan of pavement and parking lots.

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Source: EverLine Coatings and Services