Canadian Football League Alumni Association Forms Partnership With Alaxo Airway Stents: Alumni, Family and Friends Access Nasal Breathing Solution for Better Sleep and Quality

CFL Alumni

Alaxo Airway Stents (Alaxo), providers of FDA-cleared and Health Canada-registered, internationally patented, innovative stent-based therapies to support healthy, natural, nasal breathing solutions to improve sleep, treat snoring and sleep apnea, and enhance athletic performance, announces a partnership with the Canadian Football League Alumni Association (CFLAA), providing innovative stent-based therapies to alumni, their families and friends. Alaxo's stents support healthy natural nasal breathing and are clinically proven to reduce snoring, enhance sleep and treat sleep apnea - all of which can improve day-to-day health and well-being, as well as athletic performance.

"On behalf of our members and the community we serve, the CFLAA is excited about this new partnership with Canadian-based Alaxo, which offers an important pathway to better, safer sleep," says Leo Ezerins, Executive Director and Founder, CFLAA. "The CFLAA is committed to providing health and wellness support to its constituents, and by aligning with like-minded partners, such as the Alaxo team, we are realizing our goals."

Alaxo Airway Stents support natural, nasal breathing to improve sleep, relieve snoring and sleep apnea, and enhance athletic performance. Stents also provide support for health issues that impact quality of life, such as allergies, rhinitis, chronic rhinitis, sinusitis and allergic rhinitis, as well as many autoimmune diseases. They can be worn for up to 18 hours a day on their own or in conjunction with CPAP machines and oral appliances.

Jack Huber, President, Alaxo, states, "We're thrilled to partner with CFLAA and launch opportunities for improved health, well-being and overall quality of life for alumni members. Football in Canada has a long history and is deep in tradition dating back to the 1860's and Alaxo is proud to be a part of it."

All sales generated through this CFLAA membership opportunity include a donation from Alaxo to CFLAA charities of choice.

About Alaxo

Alaxo offers FDA-cleared and Health Canada-registered, internationally patented, innovative stent-based therapies to support healthy, natural, nasal breathing solutions for snoring, sleep apnea and enhanced athletic performance. Alaxo innovative stents support the upper airway passage to allow for better airflow and easier breathing. Visit:; Contact:

About the Canadian Football League Alumni Association

Founded in 2008, the CFLAA supports Canadian football, former CFL players, and other communities of interest while fostering collaborative relationships with CFL stakeholders and others that enhance the well-being of its members. Our primary commitment is to the CFL Alumni Support Fund which provides financial assistance and support to former players and families who have medical challenges.  

The CFLAA works closely with the CFLPA in support of current players and the CFL in support of different initiatives to support our great league.

The CFLAA is actively involved in philanthropy with not-for-profit organizations like Never Alone Foundation (through the Never Alone Rose Project), Alzheimer's Canada, Canadian Men's Health Foundation (Don't Change Much), CFL Fans Fight Cancer, and Canadian Concussion Center. The CFLAA is also actively involved in research, including a study of long-term neurocognitive function and CTE at Toronto Western Hospital and another study with Aurora Cannabis as to potential benefits of medical use cannabis. The CFLAA is driven to find health and wellness solutions for its members to thrive and enjoy a full and dignified quality of life.

Source: Alaxo Airway Stents

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