Canadian Fertility Consultants, Committed to Healthiest Outcomes Through SET Surrogacy Program

Canadian Fertility Consultants marks the 1-year anniversary of its industry-leading SET (single embryo transfer) Surrogacy Program, and reaffirms its commitment to supporting the healthiest possible outcomes in surrogacy

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One year ago, Canadian Fertility Consultants changed its longstanding policy of allowing its clients to decide whether or not to transfer multiple embryos into their Surrogate Mother, increasing the chances of a high-risk, multiple pregnancy.

Canadian Fertility Consultants made the decision to lead the charge within the fertility industry and institute the SET (single embryo transfer) policy for all clients using eggs from a woman under 35 years of age. 

CEO Leia Swanberg knew that they may initially lose clients because of this major change in policy; however, the company has remained committed to ensuring the healthiest possible outcomes for her surrogates.

This policy change was part of a movement CFC is developing to ensure the protection of its Surrogates and Children born through Surrogacy. 

According to the CDC, SET helps women avoid several risks to their own health that are associated with carrying multiples. It also helps families achieve success while preventing some risks known to be associated with giving birth to twins, or what is called "high order multiple births" (three or more children born at the same time). Infants born in multiple births are more often born early, are smaller (low birth weight) and experience more adverse health outcomes than singleton infants. There is consensus among experts that the desired outcome of ART is a healthy singleton infant.

The Government of Canada has long recommended using the SET protocol to increase the chances of a healthy full-term pregnancy; however, the industry has been slow to adopt these recommendations. Canadian Fertility Consultants was the first major Canadian company to make the SET protocol mandatory, and has always been committed to setting the gold standard in surrogacy practices in Canada.

"We would never advise a pregnant woman to skydive, so why would we put her at risk, along with the babies she's carrying? The risks of multiple pregnancies are clear, and we are ensuring that this risk is eliminated through our new SET only program", said Leia Swanberg, CEO of Canadian Fertility Consultants.

CEO Leia Swanberg knew that they may initially lose clients because of this major change in policy; however, the company has remained committed to ensuring the healthiest possible outcomes for her surrogates. Over the last year, the company has seen amazing results, and its surrogates and intended parents have benefited from the SET protocol.

The intention is to protect all parties involved by committing to the safest outcomes possible. The company will stand behind its policy by offering a Discounted Second journey agency fee, and will encourage other industry professionals, such as lawyers and Fertility clinics, to do the same for those who are pursuing two journeys simultaneously. 

CFC hopes that fertility clinics and other industry professionals will adopt SET policies of their own, mandating the protection of the women carrying, as well as the families being created. 

The Surrogates in the company's program are such amazing women, and deserve to be honored and respected, and this is one way that can be done. The company is always committed to providing its Surrogates with the best medical care, and their safety is always the prime concern.

About Canadian Fertility Consultants

Canadian Fertility Consulting is a full-service consulting firm dedicated to helping couples and individuals who have had difficulty or are unable to conceive, by providing guidance and support while exploring alternate methods to building a family. We have been helping couples build families since 2007, and take a holistic approach to everything we do. We will put the right team in place to support you through your journey of building a loving family.

CFC has helped thousands of Intended Parents achieve their dreams of building a family through surrogacy and egg donation. As a leading global agency, we pride ourselves in introducing Surrogate Mothers to couples or individuals who need help fulfilling their dreams of parenthood. Our commitment, skills and compassion are unparalleled by other agencies in the fertility industry. We look forward to hearing from you about how we can help your family.

About Leia Swanberg

Leia’s passion for alternative family building began at age sixteen, when she was a birth mother to a daughter placed in an open adoption. Since then, she has had four children of her own – ages 19, 11, 3, and a new baby. She has been a gestational surrogate twice and an egg donor several times. Leia’s approach to surrogacy is simple – taking a holistic approach to ensure that all parties are supported, encouraged and protected.

She has made great industry connections and working partnerships with professionals worldwide to ensure that she can help to develop the fertility plan that best suits your needs. Having founded Canadian Fertility Consulting in 2007, she has had the opportunity to help hundreds of couples become parents. Leia’s previous experience as a small business owner and background in management and small business development has helped her grow CFC into Canada’s foremost surrogacy consulting service.

Leia and CFC have been featured many times in Canadian media, including Canada AM and The National Post, helping to depict third-party reproduction as a tangible and approachable subject in the country. 

Source: Canadian Fertility Consultants

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About Canadian Fertility Consulting

Canadian Fertility Consulting is a premier agency having helped thousands of Intended Parents achieve their dreams of building a family through surrogacy and egg donation.

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