Canada Drugs Direct is Slashing Prices for All Its Erectile Dysfunction Drugs cuts popular E-D meds prices up to 50%

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​Tens of millions of American men are at risk of serious illness. But, if guys know what to look for, it’s hard to miss. Talking about erectile dysfunction can generate chuckles and red-faces, but the clock is ticking for millions of men who need honest talk – today. And Canada Drugs Direct is starting that discussion on behalf of men everywhere.

The E-D problem in America is reaching never before seen levels. Especially in men over 40 where about 50% experiences erectile dysfunction. Diagnosing the problem can be lifesaving. Treating it can be life altering. To help keep people out of stores and out of risk, Canada Drugs Direct has dramatically slashed prices for bestsellers Viagra and Cialis, and popular generic versions. It means customers getting their medications faster, cheaper, and safer than ever.

E-D is usually the tip of much larger problems inside men’s bodies. Erectile dysfunction is often the only warning. And the problem is growing in a big way because of skyrocketing obesity. The national obesity crisis now affects over 40% of Americans. For men, erectile dysfunction is a typical side effect. But it can also be a warning for bigger health problems like diabetes and cardiovascular disease. While high blood pressure can be kept hidden, struggling to have or maintain an erection is hard to hide. Diagnosing erectile dysfunction saves lives.

Every month, demand for erectile dysfunction medication goes up along with new diagnosed cases. That means increased pressure on the over-worked pharmacy supply chain, already struggling to meet soaring customer demands this summer. Canada Drugs Direct is stepping up to help ease pressure off local pharmacists by cutting prices on top E-D medications to meet soaring demand, while also promoting the best social distancing​ – staying home!

Canada Drugs Direct has optimized its sterile pharmacy and medical supply network to ensure minimal contamination risk. It now takes just a few days for the secure, discreet package to arrive. Taking controls of men’s health has never been easier.

For important information about choosing the next steps has a special customer service line dedicated to helping people with questions.

Reach out to Customer Service Center at: 1 -888-904-8467.

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