Is Press Release Distribution Still Part of a Balanced Media and Marketing Strategy in 2021?

Can businesses still benefit from press release distribution as part of a multi-faceted marketing strategy?

Decision-makers and marketing professionals debate whether press release distribution still has a place in a modern media outreach strategy., a leader in easy and affordable press release distribution services, shares why it is still an important part.

"We've built our network to provide our customers with the most value," says Erik Rohrmann, COO at "Our customers have the potential to reach millions of contacts across the world through our distribution services. With a thoughtful approach, press release distribution can yield extraordinary benefits, especially as part of a comprehensive marketing strategy."

Press release distribution provides businesses with the opportunity to publish important and impactful news. Sharing stories on reputable news outlets like Google and Yahoo! News provides a sense of authenticity and helps build trust among readers.

Sharing the news across platforms expands reach even further. Using multiple mediums and platforms to promote in-house content — whether it's press releases, blogs, or videos — can help to increase performance and reach.

The exposure gained through press release distribution can help with increasing brand awareness and driving website traffic: the primary goals of a sound media and marketing strategy. Even in 2021, press release distribution still has a place. helps CEOs and business leaders improve their targeting and reach via simple and effective press release distribution services. To learn more about how to create newfound value through press release content, visit

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