Can a Subscription Model Fix Primary Pharma Care in the US?

New Models for Affordable Private Healthcare Could Lower Rx Costs Too

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The challenges of providing quality healthcare have evolved and there is a growing change in the industry within America that is trying to intelligently evolve along with it. Take for example, One Medical's ambitious vision for subscription medical care for medical care that is increasingly more technologically driven and patient friendly. Adoption of these kinds of subscription user-pay plans could mean lower drug prices too. But until then, we continue to rely on pharmacies like Canada Pharmacy to pay less for necessary medication and treatments.

There is a real need for this. In addition to all the people who have difficulty seeing a medical professional in a timely manner and may not get the extent of the care they need, the American per person average is more than $1000 out of pocket on Rx meds each year. The amount paid is significantly higher than other countries. The need to provide smarter and more affordable healthcare is growing ever more evident.

A big part of the subscription model for healthcare proposed by One Medical is telehealth services, and the COVID pandemic has sped up the trend of meeting virtually. It's something that is promising, and Canada Pharmacy is on board in helping anyone who continues to choose to pass less for their medication when they order from Canada.

The reason this has the potential to be a 'fix' for inadequate healthcare access in America is because it is merging technology with professionally staffed brick-and-mortar clinics. Subscribers can go in for any type of care.

Subscription healthcare may also mean more affordable prescription medication because employers are the largest single source of extended healthcare coverage in the country. Employers providing healthcare benefits routinely pay upwards of 25% of their overall health spending on employee drug costs.

Having a more effective healthcare provision resource like the one at One Medical would mean lower operating costs for employers, and eventually lower drug prices through their providers. In the interim continue to order Rx medications from a Canadian Pharmacy which is able to fill your prescription and use the CIPA certified pharmacy checker to confirm whether or not your pharmacy is accredited.

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