Calvert Foundation Becomes Calvert Impact Capital

New name builds on firm's history and signals path forward

Today, Calvert Social Investment Foundation (“Calvert Foundation”) announced it has renamed to Calvert Impact Capital to better align with its current work and vision. The new name maintains a connection to the non-profit investment firm’s rich 22-year history while looking forward to its next phase of growth.

“We have begun a new chapter, with a name that better represents who we are and what we hope to achieve,” said President and CEO Jennifer Pryce. “In renaming, we hope to eliminate confusion that resulted from the term ‘Foundation’ in our prior name. This term created the misperception that we are focused on philanthropy rather than investments.”

With a new name that more clearly articulates its work, Calvert Impact Capital is well positioned to execute on the ambitious goals outlined in its 2017-2019 strategic plan. The new name makes it possible to reach broader investor audiences with a clear message, share learnings more effectively with the impact investing field, and attract new investors to the firm’s recently launched syndication service. 

The mission, vision, and work of Calvert Impact Capital have not changed, and the firm remains committed to demonstrating that capital can be invested to create a more equitable and sustainable world. Pryce said, “For 22 years we’ve been building the infrastructure, networks, and relationships to move nearly $2 billion in private capital into communities in the U.S. and roughly 100 countries around the world. The same entrepreneurial spirit that guided our founding will continue to guide us as Calvert Impact Capital.”

Calvert Impact Capital’s web address is, and its physical mailing address remains the same. The name change does not affect any investors or partners of the firm. 

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