Cali Group to Expand Use of Its Pop Advertising Platform to Drive Caliburger Sales

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Cali Group, a technology company focused on transforming the restaurant and retail industries, announced today that it is expanding use of its PoP wearable advertising platform to further drive sales at its restaurant division, CaliBurger. The first marketing campaigns using the PoP platform took place in areas surrounding CaliBurger units on the West Coast, where “Walkers” wore digital displays (integrated into backpacks) showing special offers taking place inside of the restaurants. The campaigns were a cost-effective tool to increase store sales.

The next phase will involve the sale of “Cali Coins” through the wearable digital display network. Consumers will have the opportunity to identify Cali Coins on the backs of Walkers in public places and use their mobile devices to immediately capture and purchase the Cali Coins. The Cali Coins can then be exchanged for food at substantial discounts in a local CaliBurger restaurant using the self-ordering kiosks.

The restaurant and retail industries sell billions of dollars of coupons through various online distribution channels. There is little differentiation between the different online platforms, and the audience reach is limited. PoP enables restaurants, retailers, and consumer brands to deliver digital coupons and digital coins to a broad audience dwelling in the built world within hundreds of yards of their locations. 

“The PoP platform is a key component of the restaurant and retail operating system of the future that Cali Group is pioneering,” said John Miller, Chairman of Cali Group. “In addition to delivering immediate ROI at the store level, PoP increases enrollment by Millennials and Gen Z in the CaliBurger loyalty program.”

Separate from CaliBurger, PoP is also in pilot trials with other retailers and consumer brands at trade shows, on college campuses, and in malls and other densely populated retail areas. PoP’s wearable machine vision system provides ad buyers with detailed data about the targeted viewers. PoP is in the Cali Group family of companies, which includes CaliBurger, Super League Gaming, FunWall, Miso Robotics, and Kitchen United.


PoP is a smart, micro-location marketing and commerce platform, powered by machine vision and artificial intelligence. PoP helps offline businesses drive profitable growth by influencing high-potential customers with near-me offers and content, delivered in intent-rich moments. By seamlessly blending content and commerce, PoP's fresh and engaging format creates durable brand affinity and loyalty across user segments, while simultaneously building rich shopper behavior and location intelligence. To learn more please contact

Source: Cali Group