Caddo Mountain Spring Water Selects Architecture Firm - Roark Perkins Perry Yelvington

Caddo Mountain Spring Water Project includes a Bottling Facility, Visitors' Center & Solar Farm

Caddo Sustainable Energy

Caddo Mountain Spring Water, LLC, (CMSW) a premium spring, artesian & mineral water startup, announced today that it has selected the Little Rock, AR, architecture firm of Roark Perkins Perry Yelvington (RPPY) for its project in Montgomery County, AR. The selection was a major decision for the Company in preparing for its facility's construction.

Caddo just recently received a completed Phase II Hydrogeology Report from ATOKA, Inc. They are an Arkansas Professional Engineering and Environmental Consulting Services firm that was commissioned to do Phase I & Phase II water studies. Completion of the most recent Study allowed CMSW to more properly plan their project.

Choosing an outstanding architect group like RPPY is another milestone for the venture with its source water tract in the Ouachita Mountains of Arkansas. Once a strategic partner is selected and capital funding is completed, the Caddo development will access and produce unsurpassed quality spring, artesian and mineral water at a proven high capacity on a sustainable basis. The project includes the construction of a bottling facility where they will "bottle at the source", a visitors' center and a solar farm.

"We chose RPPY based on their ability and Arkansas heritage," said Barry Davidson, CEO of CMSW. "We believe we got an excellent team of highly skilled and experienced professionals. We consider David Perry and Tim Yelvington at RPPY to be among the finest architects in our State. Their long careers include experience on several projects in Arkansas and our region of the state that make them especially well-suited for us. They came highly recommended by people we have known and trusted for a long time. We wanted talented people from the 'Natural State' that we consider stakeholders in what we are trying to accomplish. We felt good about our base facility plans but wanted RPPY to more fully access and upgrade them. The visitor center for Caddo is a bit of a novelty for the bottled water industry and deserved the attention and focus of outstanding architects to come up with a great design."

RPPY's President, David Perry, had the following to say about his firm's Caddo project participation: "From the initial conversation with Barry, I realized that he had an infectious determination concerning this project. Then, after a site visit, a conversation with ATOKA about the outstanding quality and quantity of water and talking with Barry about his goals for the visitors' center, I knew why. We are very honored to be selected as a team member for this exciting project. RPPY is looking forward to not only helping produce a very healthy product, but also is committed to promoting the heritage of the Caddo Valley area and helping provide a beautiful destination for the state of Arkansas and beyond."

The CMSW visitor center will provide a vehicle for the Company to fulfill its mission to help people learn about its water, sustainability of water and energy as well as the heritage of the area. It will be located on the Company's property across from the bottling facility that is situated on a state highway that is part of a U.S. Forest Lands - Ouachita Mountains designated Scenic By-Way. The visitor center will be a designation location for tourists in a beautiful Arkansas County that does not have a State Park.

Caddo's water tract metrics are world class, including quality, production and sustainability that likely make it the dominant source drinking water tract in the U.S. and probably the world. The Company's CEO went on to say, "Sustainability and stewardship of the environment are extremely important to us, our investors and our targeted consumers. With the top source water tract goes the responsibility to get everything right. We wanted a group of top architects to help us Master Plan our project."

The start of water bottling production from the Caddo facility is expected in eight or nine months from completion of the Company's strategic partner selection and capital program. Caddo had previously announced >$1 million in economic incentives from the Arkansas Economic Development Commission as well as plans for a solar power system.

Barry had the following to say about their Company & its water: "We are making great progress on this project. We have known from the beginning that a startup venture with a rural module is an equity investor and capital challenge. Certainly, the Pandemic has added to the task. However, we have confidence in our unsurpassed sustainable quality water and the rewards it offers in a robust marketplace with smart consumers. Our source water is pristine and protected by U.S. Forest Lands with a great legacy story. Our company's Social Impact mission and Eco-friendly position is exemplified by our commitment to good manufacturing jobs, sustainable water and energy as well as a visitors' center. We believe that people everywhere will enjoy watching our outstanding development in progress as well as visiting our source water tract and consuming our water. Our target consumer is health conscious, cares about the purity of the water and stewardship of the environment."

Pictured above is CMSW's planned sustainable energy source at its tract in the Ouachita Mountains of "The Natural State".



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Source: Caddo Mountain Spring Water