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Home Child Care Providers are Important in Children's First Nutritional Experiences

Big Smiles CACFP Week

CACFP Week is a national education and information campaign sponsored annually by the National CACFP Sponsors Association. The campaign is designed to raise awareness of how the USDA's Child and Adult Care Food Program works to combat hunger and bring healthy foods to the table for adults in day care and children in child care homes, centers, and in afterschool and summer feeding programs across the country.

Research proves that good nutrition in young children not only contributes to their physical growth, but to their intellectual and emotional development as well. Children who participate in the CACFP have the opportunity to develop positive eating habits that will lead to a lifetime of good eating habits and good health.

In the US there are over 115,000 family child care providers working with 800 sponsors using CACFP to provide children with high quality nutrition and learning experiences.

National CACFP Sponsors Association

Across the country, home care providers are doing a great job for America’s children!

In New Glarus, WI, Corrinne Hendrickson cooks with children as young as three years old. They are learning how to prepare healthy meals while becoming familiar with pre-k math skills and science skills in the kitchen.

Tony and Connie Mancillas of Saginaw, MI practice math shapes with all of the different healthy foods they prepare. Sandwiches are in different shapes and sizes, the kids practice counting with their orange and apple slices, children are chefs as they measure for different recipes.

Parents and children alike visit on the planting event day for Michelle Baggett’s home child care in Cincinnati, OH. Not only does Michelle get the children involved in nutritional habits with a garden, but the families and neighbors contribute and learn as well.

In the south, Kelly Rood of Arlington,TX, uses her garden for learning experiences of all kinds. Not only do the children in her care plant and tend to the garden, they have picnics, play and read in the garden. They are surrounded by good nutritional choices.

Susan Holbrook of Croswell, MI shares the resources that she receives from her CACFP Sponsor. This literature not only teaches her little ones about making healthy choices, but their families as well.

We are fortunate to have child care providers across the nation that are committed to serving the children quality, nutritional food through CACFP. The Child & Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) offers lifetime benefits. Proper nutrition during the early years of childhood ensures appropriate development and reduces physical and educational problems later in life. The preschool years are when eating patterns and habits are being established that may determine the quality of one's diet throughout life. Children who are in child care with providers who participate on the CACFP are given the opportunity of nutrition education by providers who understand their role in shaping attitudes toward the acceptance of nutritious foods. Providers create an atmosphere that instills a positive, curious attitude about food from the earliest years. Participating in CACFP is most certainly an indicator of quality child care

Source: National CACFP Sponsors Association

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The National CACFP Sponsors Association serves as a national platform which provides education, support, and resources to organizations who administer the USDA Child and Adult Care Food Program to the CACFP community.

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