"C&D Pet Vacuum Doors": A Product Line of Pet Doors for Dogs and Cats

"The C&D Pet Vacuum Doors" allows cats or dogs to go through this special pet door and are gently vacuumed clean.

​Here is a special alert with numerous advantages for cat and dog pet owners. The C&D Pet Vacuum Doors is a product line of pet doors for dogs and cats, each of which will not only allow the animal to enter and leave a residence, but will also, on each pass in and out, vacuum and brush the animal, cleaning the coat of dust debris and loose hair. The device is battery-powered and automatically activated. The C&D Pet Vacuum Doors, amazingly, relieve pet owners of much of the time and trouble spent daily brushing and cleaning their pet and their dwelling.

This is an easy-to-use pet product. The vacuum activation cleans the pet every time the animal passes through the door.  It is a compact, all-in-one design, and allows for easy installation. The vacuum is powered by battery and after suction the debris and dust will be filtered. The sides and top of the device is fitted with pet brushes designed to engage the animals as he or she passes through the door. A removable trap is situated beneath the C&D door and the debris is lifted out similar to the way it is done with a clothes dryer lint holder.  Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the C&D Pet Vacuum Doors.
The Patent Pending C&D Pet Vacuum Doors were invented by Lamonte Sanders of Banning, CA who said, “Pet lovers will quickly see the benefits of the C&D Pet Vacuum Doors but they are not the only ones, so will the pets.  It is an automatic grooming and reduces the frequency to clean house that often comes with having a cat or dog. It works and makes everyone happier.”

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