BusinessCreator Brings the Power of Their Client Base to Client Chat Live (Austin, TX).

Statistics show only a very small percentage of website visitors actually contact that business. A live chat feature on your website changes all of that!

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BusinessCreator (Allentown, PA) brings the power of their client base to Client Chat Live (Austin, TX).  BusinessCreator believes the partnership will allow their clients an opportunity to learn about an innovative product that turns website browsers into buyers.  Statistics show only a very small percentage of website visitors actually contact that business. A live chat feature on your website changes all of that!

Client Chat Live has been providing businesses with a chat service for over 8 years and have completed over 300,000 chats. One of the great things about chat is that it works for businesses of all types and sizes.

BusinessCreator can think of a million reasons why our clients will love Client Chat Live, but here are a few:

  • Chat Feature Installed on Your Website – The Client Chat Live implementation team provides you with a customized HTML script, along with simple instructions to paste into your website code. There is no need to install or manage software.
  • Live Phone Transfer - Real time lead conversion. Client Chat Live can connect potential customers directly to your office via phone with a couple clicks.
  • CRM Integration - Automatically upload the contact information and details into your CRM.
  • Custom Branding - We customize chat icons and windows to match your website’s design using your logo, color scheme, pictures and contact information. Branding your chat platform gives prospective customers the added comfort of knowing their questions and information are going to the right place.
  • Monthly Reports - Monthly reporting of all valid chats, summary of visitor details and associated analytics
  • Spanish Speaking Operators - Our Spanish speaking operators broaden your customer reach by giving your potential customers the option of chatting in English or Spanish.
  • Google Analytics Integration - Chat data integrates into Google Analytics to give you detailed reports of how many leads you get and where they are coming from.
  • Custom Chat Script - You can customize your script to have our operators interact with potential customers in a way that accommodates your goals and objectives.
  • Client Chat Live Helps Businesses Convert Customers - Client Chat Live is a powerful marketing tool for businesses of all sizes who are looking to convert their existing website visitors into qualified potential customers. You spent marketing dollars on creating a website, managing the content, and driving visitors to it. Now you can interact with those visitors in real time as they browse your website and capture vital contact information to keep in touch once they leave.

Once a visitor enters your website, a live chat operator will engage them in dialogue through an invitation to chat. If the visitor accepts the invitation, our operator will start a targeted conversation with the visitor about their needs and ask questions to discover more about the potential customer.

When a visitor engages with a chat operator, you are able to capture their contact information, learn more about their needs and screen potential customers accordingly. The chat operator can also use this time to answer any questions the visitor may have regarding your services, locations or general information about your business or their particular needs.

At the conclusion of the chat, you will receive a detailed transcript of each conversation which will include the visitor’s name, contact information,  location, what page they were looking at when they engaged in the chat and how they were referred to your website. With this level of information not only can you convert visitors into clients but better tailor your marketing campaigns based off of the additional website information.

Our chat operators are available 24/7, 365 days a year. Turn your visitors into qualified customers and boost your lead potential by adding a chat to your site with BusinessCreator. 

For more information call BusinessCreator at (855) 943-8736  or email

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