Offers Expert Advice on How Businesses Can Manage Media Relations Amid COVID-19

Quarantine, isolation and social distancing guidelines have presented a new series of challenges for businesses in their efforts to conduct media relations.

​​​ is offering expert advice for businesses on how they can maintain effective media relations and make the best out of the difficult situation created by the pandemic and subsequent lockdown. The common-sense practices outlined by the team at are useful for nearly every business, and are helpful for those that may be facing prolonged closures or reduced business.

“We wanted to put together some helpful tips that may be of assistance to businesses, many of whom are still under some form of lockdown around the country,” says Erik Rohrmann, Chief Operations Officer at “These common-sense solutions are easily accessible and can be accomplished by companies no matter what business they’re in.”

The tips, featured in a recent blog article on, include practical steps like maintaining continuous communication with customers and media via email in the form of newsletters, press releases, or statements from executive staff members. These kinds of communications are cost-effective solutions to building deeper connections with your audience.

The use of social media is also encouraged, but in a way that gets the local community involved with your business. By inviting local community members to participate in photo submissions, polls, or whatever method of engagement is more appropriate, people feel more involved and more connected with the business overall.

“Social media was already wildly popular before the pandemic, but now with most people staying at home, an even larger number of people are utilizing these mediums to let people know what’s going on. A series of formal and informal communications to consumers and the media, via press releases, blogs, and social media posts is an effective strategy to signal that your business remains strong and is ready for action when the rest of the economy does decide to open back up,” adds Rohrmann.

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For the full list of tips, check out the blog post here.


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