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Shining a strong spotlight of interest on fusion with its recent White House energy summit, the U.S. government is backing American industry to win the 21st century's most pivotal technological race. Kronos Fusion is positioning itself to give the USA dominance in this transformation through its powerful quantum computing algorithms. 

Besides its nearly boundless energy, the promise of fusion lies in its cleanliness and environmental benefits compared to fission. Fusion doesn't produce radioactive waste, since the byproduct of its operation is instead helium. Fusion tokamak reactors will free humanity from the looming shadow of lethal nuclear disasters like Chernobyl and Fukushima. They can be shut down in seconds and the chain reaction leading to a meltdown is impossible in a fusion device. 

Fusion generators are fueled by very small amounts of deuterium and tritium - both of which are hydrogen isotopes. Fission, opposingly, needs large amounts of extremely radioactive enriched uranium fuel rods to power its reaction. Fission waste then needs to be isolated in long-term shielded containment like that offered by deep geological repositories located far underground. Fusion sweeps away the problem of radioactive waste and with it all, the danger and expense of storing lethal nuclear pollutants for decades or centuries. 

Kronos is working to usher in the fusion age because fusion power is good for the Earth and for humanity. Besides eliminating the hazardous waste and potential disasters of fission, it will generate the nearly endless energy needed to run our advancing technological civilization for centuries to come. More ecologically sound than any other power generation method, fusion will make coal-fired power plants and similar operations completely obsolete, slashing energy costs, greenhouse gases, and particulate pollution simultaneously. 

Fusion will also help end the use of fossil fuels as its cornucopia of power supports electric cars, aircraft, and even a zero-emission, clean-energy military. This practical, decisive solution to 100% clean energy will ensure our planet remains a pleasant, fruitful, beautiful place for us and future generations to live into the remote future. 

Kronos Fusion Energy is dedicated to a clean, green future and a safer, healthier world for humanity, but it's also excited about the potential for fusion energy to enable people in the immediate future. Kronos' launch of its Fusion Energy Simulation Center will create hundreds of U.S. jobs as it runs its deep learning simulations. 

The benefits to Americans won't end there. Hundreds of businesses will build the precisely tolerance factored components needed to construct Kronos' first tokamak reactor. Once this is a proven success, even more entrepreneurs, experts, and companies stand to gain from extending and maintaining a new fusion reactor network across America. Finally, the rollout of this limitless source of clean, eco-friendly energy will enable generations of Americans to realize their dreams and participate in the fusion-driven flowering of the United States' economy through the 21st century. 

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