BruceDropEmOff Joins OTK as Its Newest Content Creator

Big moves for the DEO Community

OTK BruceDropEmOff

OTK is proud to welcome BruceDropEmOff and the DEO community to its ranks. Hailing from Riverdale, Georgia, Bruce Ray Condones' community engagement and outrageous humor has built a loyal following like few others. Whether it be rounds of Among Us with Soulja Boy or getting bullied by his chat and Reddit followers, the DEO community is never short of a reason to laugh when the stream goes live.

The past year has especially been a hot moment for Bruce and the DEO family. With his cross-audience appeal for both PogChamp spammers and general gamers, as well as a clothing line in development, the half-million subscribers to Bruce's channel know full well that he's on an ever-steeper upward trajectory - one that OTK is excited to boost.

Why now, and why with OTK? Because, simply, the vibes were right. "I've known Bruce for a few years now, from doing some shows with him in his early days on Twitch," said OTK co-founder and owner Esfand. "He comes from a different corner of the site's community, but his sense of humor and demeanor fits right in with the rest of us in OTK. All of us are incredibly excited to have him join and grow alongside us as we continue to expand on all sides of the livestream market."

Said Thomas Hajduk, Director of Marketing, "We're absolutely thrilled to have him abroad. Between his unique sense of humor and his passionate fanbase, we believe that Bruce will bring an exciting new angle to OTK's content strategy."

OTK looks forward to supporting Bruce for years to come and is excited to count the DEO community among its own. Keep up-to-date with BruceDropEmOff on Twitter, YouTube, and!

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