Broadcast Interactive Media Launches MediaStar 3.0

Broadcast Interactive Media (BIM) announces the launch of MediaStar 3.0, an intuitive management tool that allows broadcasters to oversee station program schedules through a cohesive interface, ultimately making stations more effective and efficient.

- Broadcast Interactive Media (BIM) announces the launch of MediaStar 3.0, an intuitive management tool that allows broadcasters to oversee station program schedules through a cohesive interface. With advanced report generating capabilities, MediaStar 3.0 enables broadcasters to streamline productivity and eliminate redundant, time-consuming data-entry processes.

TitanTV Media, acquired by Broadcast Interactive Media in early 2010, has been developing the new management software over the past two years. The web-based system was designed as a solution for the numerous broadcasters feeling pressure to increase station efficiency, while simultaneously experiencing a dramatic loss in staffing. MediaStar 3.0 addresses and resolves conflicts arising from the June 2009 Digital TV Transition, including the addition of multiple sub-stations. For broadcasters familiar with MediaStar 2.0, the 3.0 version offers a variety of new tools such as convenient right-click options, schedule conflict alerts and resolution, quick-switch grid compare views and sophisticated reporting capabilities. MediaStar 3.0 maintains popular features like the exclusive Global Program Library and real-time Publishing.

"We have always been very in-tune to broadcaster's needs. After listening to the feedback from our MediaStar 2.0 users, we could not be more excited to offer our MediaStar 3.0 solution," says Mick Rinehart, BIM's Vice President of Product Development. "MediaStar 3.0 will be a time-saver for broadcasters. Stations will be able to complete their program schedules and seamlessly communicate the information faster than ever before."

MediaStar 3.0 was officially launched in November 2010, with Gray Television stations WCTV-TV, WCTV2, WSWG-TV, WSWG2 and WSWG3 as the third cluster of stations to go live on the web-based program. BIM continues to migrate current MediaStar 2.0 clients to the new 3.0 version, transferring over program schedules and conducting one-on-one training with the new system interface.

"MediaStar 3.0 has made my job much faster while still maintaining an exceptional level of accuracy. The Import feature alone has saved me hours worth of work," remarks Perry Cole, Manager of Programming & Public Service for Gray Television stations WCTV/WSWG. "Most of all, I really enjoy the new Copy Programming feature which allows me to easily copy a program from one of the five stations I oversee and add it to another."

Because of the flexible, web-based nature of the MediaStar 3.0 interface, BIM's development road map includes the addition of supplemental features to be released in early 2011. The widely anticipated "Distribution" tool is set for automatic integration into MediaStar 3.0, which would then allow broadcasters to "hub" or centralize the workflow among stations within a group. A feature as dynamic as Distribution will greatly reduce the time and personnel resources needed to effectively manage a station's program schedule.

Current MediaStar 2.0 users will be contacted by a member of the BIM Publisher Development Team to discuss the new system features and the transition process. Stations that are interested in more information on MediaStar 3.0 may contact or call 800-365-7629. Additional MediaStar 3.0 information can be found at

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