Bring on the Light: Rangam's Employment Training Tool for Uniquely-Abled People

Having access to gainful and sustainable employment opportunities may not be the final answer to all the life challenges that people with disabilities grapple with every day, but it surely does solve a few of them.​

“In the post-truth era, dignity and independence have become primal needs for nearly everyone. When people with unique abilities start working, they not only start believing that they can, but also become confident of their ability to independently manage their life and career. These small victories often come and go unheeded for most neuro-typical individuals, but they have significance in the world of a uniquely-abled person,” observes Nish Parikh, CEO of Rangam, who is currently working on a solution that he thinks will help young adults with unique abilities become viable members of the workforce.

And there are compelling reasons behind Nish’s optimism.

Rangam, the company he co-founded in 1995, has been developing innovative programs for disability inclusion, training, and education. Of the many programs that Rangam has developed to date, ColorsKit One has the potential to transform the way employers and special needs support agencies work with uniquely-abled candidates and employees. It is equipped with a job-skills training tool that job coaches, support agencies, and program managers can use to train people on how to carry out tasks in a variety of functional settings and for diverse job roles – whether it be stocking shelves, writing codes, or loading and unloading items under limited to no supervision. A complex task can be broken down into several subtasks to ease learning. The learning management system in ColorsKit One is also useful for periodic skills evaluation.

The developers of ColorsKit One have gone the extra mile to provide employers access to data on performance of employees. “It is a win-win for all concerned,” Nish affirms.

Latest figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics reveal that one in 12 individuals aged 16-64 years is uniquely-abled and two-thirds of those individuals are not part of the labor force.

Nish and his team at Rangam are now looking for beta testers to validate the program and make further enhancements.

“Everyone has the right to work and earn. As kids, we are told by our parents to figure out what we love doing the most and then work our way toward building a career around it. But is our employment system ready to include employees with all abilities? Are we doing enough to listen to the unheard voices of those who do not always fit into the society’s construct of what is normal? Most importantly, are we leveraging assistive technology to utilize the amazing skills of a largely untapped pool of talent? Individuals with unique abilities are known to be detail-oriented, methodical, and dependable. With a little bit of personalized training and guidance, they can be nurtured and developed as remarkably efficient employees,” concludes Nish with a resolute determination.

ColorsKit One is available on the App Store on iTunes and Google Play.

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Established in 1995, Rangam is a high-performing diverse supplier of enterprise-wide staffing services in IT, Clinical, Scientific, Healthcare, Engineering, Government, Finance, and Administrative sectors. Rangam is a certified WMBE that has consistently grown year over year while establishing a history of providing exceptional service to clients. We pride ourselves for developing a culture of inclusion and collaboration through innovation in education and employment. Be sure to check out our work for individuals with unique abilities and military veterans.

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