Bright Horizons Outdoors Offers Tips and Deals on Outdoor Products and Services

Site offers help for those planning an outdoor adventure

A new site, Bright Horizons Outdoors, offers users information they need to have an outdoor adventure, along with deals to help them while on the way.

In addition to offering deals, the site shares information beneficial to outdoors enthusiasts of all skill levels. One recent post looked at the best foods to cook over an open fire, including steak, zucchini, shrimp and salmon.

"Everyone should have the chance to enjoy the outdoors, and the things they need to do so should come at a fair price. That's why I started this business, to offer people what they needed to enjoy themselves without having to spend a fortune. I love the outdoors, and I want to help other people learn to love it, too."

Floyd Smith, Owner

“Cooking food on an outdoor flame gives it an unmistakable mouth-watering flavor,” the site wrote. “You can have just about anything cooked on a camp fire, but we want to offer you our suggestions for some of the best dishes and how you can prepare them.”

Another post looked at options for boating vacations.

“Some of the best boating destinations for summer in the U.S. could be less than an hour away,” the site wrote. “Many cities boast amazing boating adventures for nautical enthusiasts. So if you seek a boater’s paradise this summer, you may not have far to look.”

Among the locations recommended were Key West, Florida; Newport, Rhode Island; Marina del Rey, California; and Lake Havasu, Arizona.

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