Bridges of Hope Announces Continued Addiction Treatment Services for Indiana Residents During COVID-19

Bridges of Hope Treatment Center

Bridges of Hope (BoH) has announced that it will continue to provide treatment services during the COVID-19 pandemic, offering medical detox and residential programs in Anderson, Indiana. In order to protect their clients and staff from the spread of the virus, Bridges of Hope has implemented strict policies and procedures for admissions, visitations and sterilization processes. These policies will be reviewed weekly and will be based off the recommendations from the CDC and World Health Organization.

BoH’s drug and alcohol rehab centers deliver science-based care for people struggling with dependency. Residential treatment and medical detox allow patients to receive ongoing support as they pursue sobriety.

BOH’s recovery centers offer a wide range of services, including behavioral therapy and ptsd treatment. The team at BoH also provides inpatient care and medical detox. This holistic approach to treatment improves outcomes in patients struggling with addiction. In particular, research has shown that medication-assisted drug detox can help save lives and reduce relapses.

Medical detox is a complex process that requires medical intervention. Without professional support, drug and alcohol detox can sometimes be fatal. At BoH, medical providers oversee each detox to ensure patients’ comfort and safety. The team offers medication to ease symptoms and protect patients’ health as their body adjusts to sobriety. Patients also receive customized therapy programs to meet and address emotional and behavioral challenges. Available treatments include cognitive behavioral therapy, family therapy, equine therapy, and much more.

The number of deaths linked to substance abuse has risen sharply over the last decade, and overdoses have become a leading cause of accidental death in the United States. According to the CDC, nearly 70,000 Americans died from drug and alcohol overdose in 2018. Evidence-based treatments help prevent these tragic outcomes, allowing patients to rebuild their lives.

Bridges of Hope drug rehab centers are accredited by the Joint Commission. Joint Commission Accreditation demonstrates that a healthcare facility meets the highest levels of health, safety, and quality. BoH is proud to offer exceptional care to a diverse group of patients throughout the country. Contact the BoH admission team at 765-358-7320 to learn more about available programs and speak with a treatment consultant.

Bridges of Hope Treatment Center
2200 N Madison Ave, Anderson, IN 46011

Source: Bridges of Hope Treatment Center

About Bridges of Hope

We are a Joint Commission accredited dual diagnosis adult substance abuse treatment program, designed to achieve long-term recovery. We are licensed by the State of Indiana Division of Mental Health.

Bridges of Hope
2200 North Madison Avenue
Anderson, Indiana

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