Brick Farm Group Installs State-of-the-Art Air Purification System

First NJ company to instate platform

Brick Farm Group

In a continual effort to keep guests and employees safe, Brick Farm Group has completed the installation of devices that produce safe levels of dry hydrogen peroxide (DHP) to inactivate viruses including both influenza and SARS-CoV-2, as well as mold and bacteria. These systems also will eliminate odors arising from cooking, paint, sealants, cleaning agents, carpets and other sources. 

Utilized worldwide, BFG joins many large institutions in partnering with Synexis. The new devices are installed in the Market, Tavern, Commissary, Butcher Shop, and throughout all common areas at all BFG properties. Strategically placed to best ensure antimicrobial effectiveness and air purity in these critical locations, the Synexis systems work continuously without disrupting guests' experience.  

"It's critical to us that we stay ahead of the curve in terms of technology to keep our properties safe and provide the most comfortable experience possible," said Richard Moskovitz, Managing Partner. "Synexis is a cutting edge solution that provides a comprehensive remedy that ensures safety, clear air, and exemplifies our commitment to the wellbeing of our guests and team."


Founded in 2008, Synexis® LLC is a leader in microbial reduction and the sole developer of patented technology that creates and disperses DHP™ (Dry Hydrogen Peroxide) to help reduce the presence of microbes in indoor spaces around the clock.

As a company born from science and engineering, shaped by military might, Synexis develops cutting-edge BioDefense systems designed to make air and surfaces cleaner. Synexis Systems are regulated by the US Environmental Protection Agency and state governments as antimicrobial devices. Accordingly, Synexis Systems are produced in an EPA-registered facility and packaged and labeled in accordance with EPA regulations appearing at 40 CFR 152.500. The Synexis system is Underwriter Laboratories (UL) Certified to produce no ozone and works continuously without disruptions in normal operations or workflow. Synexis currently has 14 US patents with 16 pending.In addition, Synexis DHP™ technology is supported by data from five peer-reviewed studies.

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