Break Free Worldwide Awards 2020

Event Dedicated to Honor Global Breakers and Hip Hop Community Leaders


Break Free Worldwide ("BFWW"), established in 2011 and headquartered in Houston, Texas, is a global Hip-Hop School, Events and Technology Platform dedicated to providing career paths for artists in both the competitive and educational sectors of these five art forms - Breakin', Freestyle Dance, DJ'ing, MC'ing and Graffiti Art. 

During 2020, BFWW has continued to build and evolve, while maintaining adherence to the COVID-19 pandemic safety requirements. BFWW has adapted by implementing its creative and innovative approach in both virtual and on-site environments, pioneering 30 million people globally. 

The monthly event "Breaking League" is designed as a competition between our training facilities and has brought out the "battle" in the hearts of our students and instructors. 

In addition, each quarter, BFWW has been at the forefront of competitive Breakin' by organizing major international events. "Soulidarity", "Break Free Day", and "SurvivILL" have united breakers over a network in excess of 75 countries - highlighted by each breaker competing from the comfort of their homes. These events have ushered BFWW into a new way of interacting. New, raw, unknown talents have emerged, where each BBOY and BGIRL has gained exposure from millions of viewers - viewers who watched 128 brackets battle down to the kings and queens. 

As a fitting culmination to an extraordinary year, Wednesday, Dec. 30, 2020, Break Free Worldwide hosted the inaugural Break Free Worldwide Awards 2020 event. This gala-event sponsored by Monster Energy was a dual on-site and online event organized at LD Systems with a virtual broadcast of live performances facilitated by YAKbattles, which served as a night to honor and recognize individuals and organizations within the global Breakin' community.

Giving the recognition to the artists and athletes within the culture, this Awards Show will be an annual initiative. Akin to the ESPYS, Oscars, Grammys, and other high profile awards shows, an esteemed nominee board composed of highly respected competitors, teachers, and media figures determined the five final nominees in the 15 categories. 

The winners of the awards, decided by worldwide community on the event website, in collaboration with the officials representing each category, are as follows: (1) BREAKER OF THE YEAR Hong 10 (Korea) (2) BBOY OF THE YEAR Shigekix (Japan) (3) BGIRL OF THE YEAR Kastet (Russia) (4) CREW OF THE YEAR Jinjo (Korea) (5) BREAKTHROUGH ARTIST OF THE YEAR Matita (Chile), (6) EVENT OF THE YEAR Red Bull BC One (7) THE ESSENCE AWARD Nasty Ray (USA) (8) THE PERFORMANCE AWARD Hong 10 (Korea) (9) THE FOUNDATION AWARD Roxrite (USA) (10) BATTLE OF THE YEAR Hong 10 vs. Harricane (11) PIONEER AWARD Storm (Germany) (12) CYE LIFESTYLE AWARD Roxrite (USA) (13) EDUCATOR OF THE YEAR Focus (Finlad) (14) CONTENT CREATOR OF THE YEAR Spin Theory (USA) (15) BREAK DJ  OF THE YEAR Fleg (USA).

Moy Rivas and Jeremy Pena hosted the BFWW Awards 2020, honoring the Global Breakers and Hip Hop Community Leaders in unity.

Source: Break Free Worldwide


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