Branded Paper Cups Are a Winning Marketing Strategy

Branded paper cups are a winning marketing strategy, printed coffee cups over plain whites and blacks have proven to be a win-win way of brand promotion, but why?

Printed Paper Cups

"Today’s highly competitive environment makes it extremely difficult for businesses to demarcate themselves."

While traditional initiatives to boost performance may be quickly eroded, a business may stay ahead of the curve by embracing innovative and uncommon strategies to chisel its identity in the market.

What makes creative people tingle are interesting problems, the chance to impress their friends, and caffeine.

Alex Steffan, An American futurist who writes and speaks about sustainability and the future of the planet.

Using branded paper cups at events are proving to be a winning strategy for businesses and brands to stand out.

Printed Paper cups are a potent means of brand promotion

There has always been a penchant for businesses to use paper cups, be it for coffee or any other beverage. Apart from serving its principal purpose, businesses are increasingly using disposable paper cups as a potent means for promoting their brand.

A good branded paper cup can readily grab the attention of people at an event and communicate a message as they are all placed in very visible places. Branded paper cups are a great medium to convey necessary information about a business at an event.

While sipping some coffee, waiting for the next speaker to go on stage, or simply getting bored and tired, invites and participants will tend to stare at their cups and consequently, read what is printed on it.

Playing with the feel-good factor

It is no secret that coffee is the most popular beverage in the world with more than 400 billion cups being consumed yearly. The next favourite beverage is tea.

Offering these beverages in paper cups at an event is a sure-fire means to captivate the attention of the people present. Scientific as well as psychological studies have proven that people tend to associate the physical sensation of warmth with interpersonal feelings of warmth.

"Caffeine heightens alertness while the body is affected by a warm sensation at the same time. This puts the mind in a much more receptive state."

Consequently, serving these beverages in branded paper cups will play on the feel-good factor.

The consumers holding the cups will associate positive feelings with the brand or business. On a subconscious level, the brand or logo printed on the cups will blend into one single positive feeling together with the beverage.

This is known as a Dovetail Affect.

In other events where coffee or tea is not widely available, businesses may make themselves memorable by offering the beverages freely in their branded paper cups. Coffee, for instance, is known to draw people in. So draw in with coffee and attach to the brand with a printed coffee cup.

Source: Scyphus, UK

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