Brand New Blogger Breathes New Energy Into PetTest and Advocate by Pharma Supply, Inc.

Check out the NEW Blog at

Nancy for PetTest is here to make a splash on the newly reinvigorated blog at!

PetTest, the trusted and growing brand of canine and feline diabetes testing supplies, has long sought to bring to market the highest quality, most affordable, accurate products... and their efforts to speak directly to their customers via their interactive blog (and create an open dialogue) echo their devotion to this goal.

Their resident expert, known as Nancy for PetTest, is an actual Customer and believer in the PetTest brand. Nancy has had several diabetic dogs and knows exactly what it feels like to get the initial diagnosis of diabetes. The shock and worry are real, but by NO means insurmountable with the help of home testing and community resources, as Nancy points out in her breakout blog entry, "My Dog has WHAT?!"

​Nancy for PetTest ​will be blogging regularly, with her ear to the ground on issues critical to diabetic dogs, so be sure to bookmark the blog at today!

Source: Pharma Supply, Inc.

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