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With a massive, stable, full-of-powerful, fuel-efficient and reliable 240 AC generator, the 4WD Supacentre lineup offers plenty of options for four-stroke, petrol generators that is constantly developing.

The latest release within the range is the Adventure Kings 2KVA Closed Case Generator, this generator offers easy-pull start, four-stroke motor, offering extremely easy setup, handy 2000W 240V and 12V output charge, and economy mode for better fuel economy.

This reliable generator has both 240v and 12v output and features an automatic economy mode for better fuel economy and up to nine hours of fuel range from its 4L fuel tank.

The four-stroke motor is fitted with an easy-pull start and CDI ignition for maintenance-free, four-stroke reliability, and with an adjustable choke, this generator has no trouble starting in cold weather.

The entire range of Adventure Kings' generators is extremely high quality and available for a crazy low price.

On its Faceplate features two 240v AC plugs that are suitable for many household appliances; with the ability to power up to 2000W worth of power, this power can be taken advantage of for power tools, TVs and more. The faceplate includes a T-plug 12v socket for direct battery charging of 12v power systems.

All Adventure Kings AC power supplies feature pure sine wave output that is essential for use with sensitive electronic devices, such as laptops and cameras; when compared to many AC inverter technologies, it is superior due to its smooth sine wave output, which completely eliminates hazardous spikes of power.

Fitted with a smart economy mode, this sets off the range of Adventure Kings' generators. The economy controller fitted within the generator automatically adjusts the RPM to suit power demands, making it much more efficient and able to drop down its fuel consumption to just 0.45L per hour.

Safety is important, and this is why the Adventure Kings' generator is fitted with a low oil alert, which will prevent the generator from turning over in the case of a low oil level. It also is fitted with an overload alert to let you know when the generator has been overloaded; this will prevent the internal circuits from running hot and being damaged.

Without a doubt the best value 240v generator on the market, this has an incredible 24-month warranty, which simply adds to its already incredible value for the money.

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