Boxer Fights For Foster Care

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Former foster child, Rob Garris is the only athlete in the history of professional sports, who came back after 27 years, from “amateur” to “pro” to support his charity “Throwaway Kids,” which is a foundation that advocates for foster children and reunite families.

It is an honor and pleasure to work with Mr. Garris.  He is a true champion, both in and outside of the ring.  His passion and dedication to bringing awareness to the issues of homelessness as it relates to our foster care system, is second to none and has positioned himself as a leading authority on the subject.  Mr. Garris has an astounding track record of service that dates back over ten years.  “Unlike other advocates in the field, Mr. Garris has made the ultimate sacrifice by risking his life fighting at the pro level, all for the sake of bringing attention to the harsh realities of what our children are facing everyday being in the foster care system in America,” said Sports Agent Allen L. Ellison.

About Robert Garris

As a child advocate Mr. Garris’s mission is to be the national voice for foster care children, and an inspiration to all. Due to the overwhelming issues regarding the foster care system in America, Mr. Garris founded “Throwaway Kids Foundation, Inc.” in 2004, a not-for-profit 501(c)3.  The foundation’s purpose and mission is to form a coalition across the country to monitor the foster care system, and bring about changes that would protect and support all children currently in foster care, as well as adoptees.  Mr. Garris works diligently to assist those who desire to connect with their biological family or who wish to obtain medical and birth records, so they can become familiar with their family history and true identity.

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