Boulder Crest Foundation Establishes Scientific Advisory Panel

Illustrious Panel to support Boulder Crest's effort to transform their approach to mental health and scale Posttraumatic Growth efforts

 ​Boulder Crest Foundation is establishing a Scientific Advisory Panel to help support, guide, and scale their efforts to transform the mental health approach for combat veterans, first responders, and their families. Boulder Crest is a pioneering, veteran-led, Posttraumatic Growth-focused nonprofit organization.

The Scientific Advisory Panel is chaired by Dr. Richard Tedeschi, the co-founder of the science of Posttraumatic Growth, and vice-chaired by Dr. Bret Moore, a twice-deployed former Army psychologist, and internationally recognized expert in military psychology, trauma psychology, and psychopharmacology. The Panel members include luminaries from across the field of psychology: 

·      Gary Elkins, Ph.D., a specialist in clinical psychology, health psychology, and hypnotherapy, and an expert in the area of complementary and alternative medicine 

·      John Norcross, Ph.D., an internationally recognized expert on behavior change and psychotherapy, and author of more than 400 publications

·      Charlie Reeve, Ph.D., a professor at UNC-Charlotte, and expert in quantitative methodology and analyses, measurement, and individual differences

·      Prabhjot Singh, M.D., Ph.D., a physician-scientist and health systems expert focused on how global advances in home and community care can improve care in America

·      Judah Viola, Ph.D., a community psychologist, expert program evaluator, and associate professor at National Louis University in Chicago.

“The creation of the Boulder Crest Foundation Scientific Advisory Panel marks an important next step in our journey,” said Dr. Richard Tedeschi, the distinguished chair of the Panel. Tedeschi continued, “we look forward to collaborating with this incredible group as we work to scale our programs and our insight nationally and internationally.” 

The Panel will share their expertise related to core areas of Boulder Crest’s mission, including psychotherapeutic processes, program evaluation, research methodology, community psychology, psychological health and wellness, treatment outcomes, and education and training. Their work will support Boulder Crest’s four strategies — 1) developing, delivering, and scaling world-class, Posttraumatic Growth-based programs, 2) developing and delivering transformative training and education programs, 3) supporting and transforming mental health through training for mental health professionals and the creation of peer support structures, and 4) conducting research and advocating for policy change that drives towards a more effective and accessible mental health system.

“Our vision is a world where all combat veterans, first responders, and their families have the training, skills, and support they need to transform their struggle into lifelong Posttraumatic Growth,” noted Ken Falke, Boulder Crest’s chairman and founder. “The creation of the Scientific Advisory Panel enables us to scientifically pursue our vision, and ensure that these remarkable men and women can live the great lives they deserve.”

Boulder Crest Foundation is a veteran-led organization that uses the proven science of Posttraumatic Growth to heal, train, and advocate for combat veterans, first responders, and their families, who have experienced trauma. Boulder Crest develops, delivers, and is scaling transformative programs to ensure these remarkable men and women transform struggle into strength and lifelong growth, so they can live the great lives they deserve. More broadly, Boulder Crest is working to drive change across the mental health system, in pursuit of a system that is accessible, effective, and healthy. For more information about Boulder Crest Foundation please visit

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