"Bottle Buddy": Provides a Helping Hand When Caring for Young Infants

Caring for an infant is a full-time job. Some products can make those duties a bit less difficult and this new device is the helper every new parent will appreciate. The Bottle Buddy is a unique, hands-free baby bottle holder, teether, and pacifier in the form of a set of hands, adjustably attached to a soft and absorbent bib, and specially configured to hold a bottle, allow the child to teethe on the fingers, use the removable pacifiers, and catch any saliva or spillage on the bib itself. With the bottle holder and pacifier system easily maneuvered and adjusted for baby to reach, the Bottle Buddy would provide busy parents and caretakers a helping hand in feeding and pacifying their baby while attending to other tasks. Geared to go beyond the bottle, the Bottle Buddy would also prove to be an invaluable aid to caregivers and children with limited physical capabilities due to a disability.

The bib portion of the Bottle Buddy is comprised of a soft and absorbent material lined with a leather or faux leather material to trap moisture and leaks to keep baby dry and comfortable. This bib also features a Velcro® type closure. A support plate is attached to the bib and serves to hold the bottle holder/pacifier hands in place on a track system. An extendable, retractable and rotating base holds the “hands” to the support plate and bib. The hands themselves are positioned so that the user can place the baby bottle or sippy cup in between the two hands. The user adjusts the position of the hands, so the bottle can be easily reached by the baby. When not using a bottle or cup, the baby can chew on the teething fingers. A caregiver can detach one of the pacifiers which comprise the thumb tips of the hands and offer it as a pacifier when necessary. The Bottle Buddy may be introduced solely as a bottle holder at first, with the teething fingers and detachable pacifiers revealed later when the child is older.  Television test airing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Bottle Buddy.

The Bottle Buddy has an International Patent. It was invented by Sheila Hatcher of Gardena, CA who said, “This device offers a helping hand when parents or caregivers need to multi-task. It provides a three-in-one-hands-free aid in feeding, teething and pacifying a baby and is an assist to every parent. This also is a helping hand for those on farms who are responsible to feed baby calves, sheep and other farm animals. The Bottle Buddy can also be utilized for those treating baby animals at zoos and other areas where infant young are being cared for. The Bottle Buddy works perfectly.”

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