Boost eLearning Announces Next Generation IT Training

Online IT Certification Training to meet the growing demand for Certified IT Professionals

​Boost eLearning announced today new IT certification training for their online library.  This new addition comes after the White House reported a staggering half a million information technology (IT) jobs in 2015 went unfilled.  To explain the data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, analysts describe a two-sided challenge—a skills gap in the workforce, coupled with a growing need from employers to hire qualified IT staff.

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"Our IT training library offers high social value. Companies need more qualified IT professionals, and IT professionals need highly technical skills that can be validated through certification."

Victor D. Alhadeff, CEO

Victor Alhadeff, CEO of Boost eLearning, says the company has added IT training to their existing Google Apps training suite because there’s a national need.  “Our IT training library offers high social value.  Companies need more qualified IT professionals, and IT professionals need highly technical skills that can be validated through certification.”  Boost eLearning has taken a next generation approach to online learning that emphasizes skills retention.  In addition to video lectures from top experts in the IT industry, the courses incorporate gamification and social engagement to help students acquire and retain new skills.  Victor’s team reports that the students who pass Boost eLearning’s sample exam after completing a course have a 98.4% pass rate on the official certification exam.

At a time when corporate America is asking for more qualified IT professionals, Boost eLearning’s online IT training introduces an affordable, efficient, and effective online certification training program.  “But what’s exciting,” says Alhadeff, “is that it can truly revolutionize your life.  Of course career advancement brings higher pay.  But it also shifts a person’s entire career path for the long term.”

Unlike the certifications in other fields, IT certifications in particular can demonstrate a candidate’s technical expertise, which translates into job qualification and higher pay.  The Georgetown Center for Education and Workforce estimates that men  who hold non-degree certificates “who work in computer/information services earn [on average] $72,498 per year,” which it says is, on average, higher than 72% of men with an Associate’s degree, and 54% of men with Bachelor’s degrees. 

The traditional path toward upward mobility has been college and technical degrees, which typically require substantial investments, often in tens of thousands of dollars and full-time study.  In this respect, Boost eLearning’s online IT training is disruptive.  It allows individuals to obtain the necessary IT certifications on their own schedules.  “With as little as an hour a day of commitment, most certification training can be completed in 3 to 6 months,” says Alhadeff.  Individuals can prepare for popular certifications sought by employers, such as Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH), Project Management Professional (PMP), Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE), or Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA).

From a business perspective, companies that offer Boost eLearning’s IT training library as a learning resource for their staff are better positioned to attract new hires, up their employee retention, and inject up-to-date skills into their technical projects.  All of which, Alhadeff and his team believe will answer the national call for cultivating a new wave of IT professionals.

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