Bookie Software Maker IDSCA Announces New Play-by-Play In-Game Features

Because of IDSCA's online sportsbook, live sports betting has never been more accessible.

IDSCA, online bookie software maker, is announcing the implementation of a robust, mobile-friendly way to play and wager on sports in real time. In the new "play-by-play" system, users watching the game can place bets in real time. Gone are the days of missing out on a juicy point spread because of a missed kick-off or tip-off.

The play-by-play system is new on IDSCA's pay per head software features and can make for up to 300 different line bets in a single game. The newly-implemented feature is available just in time for football season and should be fully functional by the time basketball season tips off.

The new features allow for live tracking of any game -- giving players more opportunities for betting on live information rather than leaving the online software to extract information elsewhere.

The live play by play is ideal for both the bookie and their players. The live-time betting platform spurs players to make more decisions, and more wagers based on the information they are taking in during the game. This is known to keep players on the platform because they are now empowered with live stats and data without having to go to other betting platforms.   

The "in-play" games offered by IDSCA are currently available for college football, pro football, soccer, basketball, and baseball games.

IDSCA operates as PPH sportsbook, meaning bookies can scale their business directly proportionate to how many players they bring on board. Players will then have access to real-time analysis on all major sports. Bookies, through this technology, will have the luxury to track and sort their players based on activity, performance, earnings, and other key performance indicators.

For more information on the new upgrades, or to make a press inquiry, please call (866) Call-IDS.

Source: IDSCA

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