"Bogard's Farmaceuticals Medical Kit": Handles the Needs of the Medical Cannabis User in One Super Kit

Compact and complete is what this product provides for the medical cannabis user. The Bogard's Farmaceuticals Medical Kit is an odorless, “all-in-one,” compartmented storage receptacle configured expressly for storing medical cannabis and the implements necessary to smoke or ingest it. The design intent is to provide those who are prescribed medical cannabis a secure and organized means of storing and accessing their supplies (grinder, smoking apparatus, ration containers, etc.), thus ensuring orderly and efficient use when needed. A total of nine kits are available including, “Smokers,” and “Edibles,” plus seven more. Customizing, upgrades, and five accessories are also available.

The unit is a sleek, rectangular shaped receptacle measuring 10”L x 12”W x 10”D with a hinged lid. It is an airtight container designed to contain the odor of cannabis. Materials will be finely crafted cedar, polished metal or heavy-duty plastic. A variety of compartments and components that accommodate cannabis and necessary tools come in nine versions. All boast an integrated, electric or battery powered humidifier serving to protect the integrity of the medicine, an integrated odor control system, and a secure key/combination lock to prevent others from accessing one's medical supplies. An integrated storage pocket is incorporated into the interior of the unit lid, the inside of which stores prescription information.  Included in the Smoker's Box is a work tray, an integrated ashtray with sealable lid, a grinder,  a glass, metal or wooden pipe, a plastic scooper/scraper tool for scooping up the ground medicine, a rolling machine for rolling medicine in paper rolls/wraps, a metal hemostat for use in holding rolled rolls/wraps, plastic tongs for handling the medicine, a mini scale for weighing dosage requirements, daily ration containers for use in storing the measured dosage; a metal poker tool and other cleaning utensils. The above listed components are contained within storage compartments or drawers within the unit. In the case of the Edibles Box, weekly or daily ration containers are included. As with the Smoker's Box, this box has dedicated storage compartments for use in neatly storing and easily accessing specific supplies to ingest edibles. Optional accessories include: a portable handcart for transporting the Kit; a compact travel bag for storing minimal supplies needed on the go; a wheelchair tray for use in easily employing the Kit if confined to a wheelchair; table cart for use by those who suffer limited mobility, a padded carrying case for the Kit itself, and customizable artwork for modifying one's Kit. Refill supply kits could also be offered. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in Bogard’s Farmaceuticals Medical Kit. 

Bogard’s Farmaceuticals Medical Kit is Patent Pending and was invented by James Bogard, Jr. of Lancaster, CA who said, “There is strong consumer interest in the Bogard’s Farmaceuticals Medical Kit. It has everything one needs and eliminates spending time searching for tools to prepare a proper dose.”

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