Blyncsy Partners With VMD to Provide Telehealth, PPE, Rapid Testing and Automatic Contact Tracing to Schools and Businesses

Partnership will provide organizations with automatic contact tracing combined with access to rapid test kits, PPE, and instant telehealth services

Movement and data intelligence company Blyncsy announces it will partner with VMD to provide schools, businesses, and other organizations with comprehensive COVID-19 response tools, including automatic contact tracing tools, instant access to telehealth services, PPE, rapid test kits, and more.

"Organizations and companies that choose VMD and Blyncsy services are putting their employees', customers', and students' health and safety as a top priority," said Mark Pittman,
CEO of Blyncsy. "By partnering with VMD, we'll be able to offer customers access to quality COVID response services, while providing a private, automatic contact tracing solution to help curb the spread of COVID."

The partnership provides existing and new customers a comprehensive suite of COVID response services, including VMD's easy access to quality healthcare through its mobile app and website, allowing customers to speak with a doctor anytime--even on holidays and weekends. It also offers access to PPE and COVID-19 Rapid Test Kits.

Blyncsy will provide access to Mercury, its contact tracing tool, which uses existing Wi-Fi access points to privately and automatically track potential COVID exposures with 93%
accuracy. Once Mercury has been notified of a positive test result, it anonymously tracks unique IDs to alert anyone exposed within minutes.

"Our team has always focused on providing the best healthcare solutions and that goal is more important now than ever," said Vanessa Fiffe, CEO of VMD. "COVID has
upended schools and businesses, and managing contact tracing has become a major problem. In fact, many are now asking businesses to conduct their own contact tracing. Partnering with Blyncsy will allow our customers to enjoy a more holistic approach to combating the spread of COVID-19, and the peace of mind in knowing that their contact tracing will be taken care of automatically."

VMD helps keep employees and their families happy and healthy with convenient access to affordable healthcare. Through its services, VMD can help decrease absenteeism,
improve employee retainment, improve productivity, save time, and reduce costs.

Mercury offers a privacy-first approach to contact tracing. Only users who agree participate in contact tracing. Mercury also only works in the Wi-Fi network that a user has
opted-in to, eliminating the risk of someone collecting a smartphone's GPS and understanding where someone lives. What's more, with the average contact tracing interview taking more than 90 minutes, tracing contacts in a heavily populated area can be extremely challenging and time-consuming. With Mercury, within 30 minutes organizations can get actionable reports on whom to notify of potential exposure.

Blyncsy is a movement and data intelligence company headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah. 

VMD offers convenient and affordable healthcare services and products such as telehealth, teletherapy, lab testing and more to members nationwide.

Source: Blyncsy