Blyncsy Partners With VitaCorpo to Provide COVID Symptom Monitoring and Automatic Contact Tracing

Partnership combines comprehensive screening system with automatic contact tracing to provide holistic approach for businesses and other organizations

Movement and data intelligence company Blyncsy announces it will partner with VitaCorpo to provide faster, comprehensive COVID monitoring and tracking tools to the collegiate sports market, businesses, and other organizations. 

"We all know that having a fast, comprehensive COVID response plan is crucial for any organization that wants to safely resume activity," said Mark Pittman, CEO of Blyncsy. "VitaCorpo has built an impressive product line with its tools for COVID screening, and we are excited to pair that with our automatic contact tracing so organizations can get a better handle on monitoring those who exhibit symptoms of COVID and alerting individuals who have potentially been exposed to the virus." 

The partnership will provide customers for both companies a comprehensive suite of COVID monitoring and response services, including VitaCorpo's HIPAA-compliant online and mobile app system for COVID screening, including at-home verified temperature and blood oxygen readings through a bluetooth touchless IR thermometer and pulse-oximeter. The partnership allows for a total COVID-19 response in a single place that manages the tasks and data analytics to assist in making real-time decisions.

Blyncsy will provide access to its automatic contact tracing tool, Mercury, which uses existing Wi-Fi access points to privately and automatically track for potential COVID exposures with 93% accuracy. Once Mercury has been notified of a positive test result, it anonymously tracks unique identifiers to alert anyone exposed within minutes. 

"Blyncsy's approach to contact tracing is a game-changer," said Gregory Harris, CEO of VitaCorpo. "So many states -- and even countries -- have failed to find effective, private contact tracing solutions that scale, but Blyncsy is offering our customers exactly that. We're glad to make this important service available to our existing and future customers."

VitaCorpo simplifies the management of COVID-19 response by providing a response management platform for infectious diseases -- including COVID-19 -- that automates tasks associated with fighting diseases like COVID-19, including:

Testing & Quarantine Management;                                                                                                          Remote Monitoring of Vitals and Health Surveys;                                                                                    Contract Tracing;                                                                                                                                        Data Analytics & Reporting;                                                                                                                        Communication Portal;                                                                                                                              Employee & Visitor Approved Entry via QR Code. 

Mercury offers a privacy-first approach to contact tracing. Users who agree will participate in contact tracing. Mercury also only works in the Wi-Fi network that a user has opted-in to, eliminating the risk of someone collecting a smartphone's GPS and understanding where someone lives. What's more, with the average contact tracing interview taking 90 minutes, tracing contacts in a heavily populated area can be challenging and time-consuming. With Mercury, within minutes organizations can get actionable reports on whom to notify of potential exposure. 

About Blyncsy

Blyncsy is a movement and data intelligence company headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah. 

About VitaCorpo

VitaCorpo is an infectious disease Response Management Platform that helps organizations automate the tasks associated with fighting infectious diseases like COVID-19. 

Source: Blyncsy