Blue Rock Avenue One Rebrands to Veery Capital

The new name is set to reflect the evolving nature of the firm.

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Blue Rock Avenue One, a financial planning firm specializing in wealth management and retirement planning, has officially announced its rebrand to Veery Capital. This decision comes after a period of steady growth as the Veery Capital team has made major strides over the past few years. The new branding is designed to reflect those changes and to celebrate both the journey of the firm and what the future holds for their next generation of clients.

The firm has achieved a series of impressive milestones in recent years, including the expansion of its services offered to individuals and institutional clients, and the growth of its team. When deciding on a new name for the business, Veery Capital's executive team sought a name that would not only speak to its Delaware roots but also one that would represent the ways in which the firm has grown over the past decade. 

"We take a lot of pride in the name Veery Capital," said Partner Matthew MacNeal. "We truly believe the name is a perfect fit for our team and the culture we have developed over the years."

A veery is a songbird that typically spends its winters in central and southern Brazil. The Veery Capital team has grown familiar with this songbird as they migrate to Delaware each spring to build their nests and lay eggs in White Clay Creek State Park. A Delaware State University research study found that veeries appear to be risk management masters. In fact, these birds have been known to shorten their breeding season in years when the Atlantic hurricane season is more severe. In essence, veeries can actually sense how severe the upcoming hurricane season will be prior to it occurring. With this ability, veeries are able to shift their migratory patterns accordingly to ensure safe travel back to Brazil.

"The veery served as inspiration for our brand, as we, too, help our clients navigate risk and identify opportunities," said MacNeal. 

"Just as veeries are connected to the greater global climate, the Veery Capital team connects to the complex factors that exist within our industry. With our advanced knowledge and expertise, we are able to offer premium financial advice with foresight to our clients to help them avoid danger and achieve success throughout their financial journey." 

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