Blue Desert Software Launches New Meeting Management Software - AgendaTrac

AgendaTrac Takes Meeting Management to the Next Level so Businesses can Transform the Way that Meetings are Planned and Run

​​​​​​​​​Blue Desert Software, is thrilled to announce today the first generation launch of AgendaTrac, a new and better way to organize, manage and document business meetings.  Organizations and individuals now have the ideal solution to allow them to spend more time on what matters most, and less on administrative work related to meetings.

AgendaTrac is designed to streamline and simplify the process of creating and managing a multitude of meetings, making it easy for hosts and participants to share information, track activity, and provide feedback while working as a cohesive team.

Key features include:

Appointments and Agenda Creation – Meeting hosts can create and maintain appointments within AgendaTrac, and the ability to create custom agendas, include file attachments, and automatic distribution of invitations and agendas to all meeting participants.​

Parking Lot - To make sure that agenda items that don’t get addressed in a meeting as planned stay on the radar, the item can be moved to the parking lot area so they can be reassigned to a future agenda when required.

Meeting Minutes and Action Items - AgendaTrac isn’t just for use before and after meetings, hosts can use it during the meeting to take detailed notes under each agenda item and to create tasks for actionable outcomes.  Minutes from the meetings are automatically emailed to all participants as a formatted PDF document.​

Dashboard - The dashboard provides a quick overview of meetings scheduled for today, top 10 upcoming meetings, open action items and meetings that are past due and need to be documented, allowing the user to manage their time effectively.

​AgendaTrac was initially developed out of necessity for internal use by Blue Desert Software’s parent organization, DMH Technologies, a professional services firm.  “Our consultants were extremely busy keeping up with their normal responsibilities, let alone conduct and document back-to-back meetings every day.  We needed a solution with a broad range of features, but not too complex, AgendaTrac was the perfect solution.”, said Michael Huston, CEO of DMH Technologies.

A no obligation, 30-day free trial is available, no credit card required.  Subscription plans are available for AgendaTrac at; plans start at $9 per month, and include free access for a limited number of meeting hosts and attendees.

About Blue Desert Software LLC – Blue Desert Software develops and markets cloud-based software products dedicated to optimizing performance, and improving results for both businesses and individuals.  Based in Scottsdale Arizona, Blue Desert Software is a division of DMH Technologies, Inc.

Source: Blue Desert Software LLC