Blue Desert Software (AgendaTrac) Announces Integration Partnership with Textra Healthcare

AgendaTrac Takes Creating Agendas and Meeting Management to the Next Level so Businesses can Transform the Way that Meetings are Conducted

​​​​​​​​Blue Desert Software LLC, a leading provider of SaaS solutions for businesses, and Textra Healthcare, the leader in cutting-edge mobile communication products and services to the health care industry, announced today the initial design stages of an integration partnership between AgendaTrac and the TextConnect platform, which will provide enhanced communication functionality within the AgendaTrac meeting management software.

AgendaTrac is designed to streamline and simplify the process of creating and managing a multitude of meetings. AgendaTrac makes it easy for meeting participants to share information, track activity and provide feedback while working as a cohesive team. The integration of the TextConnect platform into AgendaTrac will allow customers to text information directly to the mobile devices of meeting participants, dramatically improving the communication and collaboration process.  

“It is my pleasure to announce our partnership with Textra. Our customers are going to love the new functionality that we’re designing. One feature in particular will allow users to update in real time the status of participants who are to attend a meeting. How many times have you scheduled a meeting and were running late? Wouldn’t it be great to be able to send a text message to everyone attending that you were going to be 15 minutes late with the click of a button or even broadcast a text message change to a meeting location?” said Dana Huston, CEO of Blue Desert Software.

Jonathan Janas, founder and CEO of Textra Healthcare, commented, “Working with Blue Desert to incorporate our core technology through an API into AgendaTrac is going to help transform the way people communicate about business meetings.  It is also going to give us a showcase to demonstrate how the TextConnect platform can be used by other software vendors to seamlessly add communication capabilities into their own products.”

The subscription-based pricing model for AgendaTrac will continue with the same plan structure once the new texting functionality is rolled out.Customers who wish to utilize the texting functionality will be charged a transaction fee based on volume.

About Textra Healthcare – Textra designs and markets digital communication tools for the health care industry. Through the use of their proprietary TextConnect platform, Textra provides hospitals, ambulatory centers and medical professionals with comprehensive tools that keep patients and professionals connected while improving health and wellness and lowering operational costs.  For more information, visit

About Blue Desert Software LLC – Blue Desert Software develops and markets cloud-based software products (AgendaTrac) dedicated to optimizing performance and improving results for both businesses and individuals. Based in Scottsdale, Arizona, Blue Desert Software is a division of DMH Technologies, Inc. For more information, visit

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